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    Dec 28, 2011
    Hey All,
    Windows auto update just saved ya'll from a really long ramble. Had just spent the last 30 min or so writing a long thank you to members when my computer when down. All the work gone! So to recap in a much shorter note, I am a new member and had posted a few weeks back about my girls having this weird scaly look to their legs, ya'll told me was probably scaly mites and advised to ways to rid them of this menace. I was broke at time and having been a vet tech for many years and proud owner of a little pack of dogs too, I keep scarlet oil on hand for any minor issues the"pack" has resulting in scratches ect. I decided to try the scarlet oil on my girls. It worked great!! Not only did the mite problem get resolved, but the added antiseptic benefit in the scarlet oil enabled there to be no problems with infection or anything as the scales started to shed off the girl's legs. I had no idea the effect that these pesky mites cause either, because as soon as my girls started feeling better, boom, eggs out the ears! I have so much egg production now that there is currently 4 dozen eggs in my fridge from just this week, and I only have about 20 hens.
    Long story short, this website is a big help to a hobby hen raiser, like me. I started keeping chickens just for kicks and fresh eggs for my boys, now I'm addicted to these funny, beautiful birds! Thank you everyone for your advise and love of chickens ya'll share! And try scarlet oil next time you may have a mite problem, works great, little messy but disposable gloves are easy to get and benefits seem great.
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    Isn't this site a great place to come to for help? I have had chickens for 2 years and the wealth of information that is in this site is unbelievable. The people here are so friendly and helpful and the content is kept clean. I am so glad that your cickens are ok now and that you are getting lots of I hear omlettes for supper??
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    What a nice post. I'm so glad things worked out for your hens, and congratulations on the great egg productions, too!

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