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    Dec 20, 2008
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    Last night I made this recipe that you tucked under a different thread.
    It was sooo good.
    I don't often find something new and different and this was!!
    Changes I made:
    I did as you suggested and doubled the cheese and bacon, and I used Romano instead of parm. Next time I will put buttered breadcrumbs on top instead to cheese for a little texture.
    here is recipe for those who want to try:
    and a hint about cutting acorn squash . . . these are the hardest [email protected]# things ever to see a kitchen knife! I cut myself twice before I got the hang of it!
    Do this; lay the squash on it's side on counter, lift a large knife high and whack the squash lengthwise, Then lift the knife with the squash attached and thunk it on the counter once or twice,; this will split it open and preserve your fingers!

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