Thank You Polish Owners!!!

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  1. navasima

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    Aug 6, 2011
    New Mexico
    I'll try to make this concise, so please bear with me..... [​IMG]

    From all the information posted here, I think I did a good thing!

    Kept looking at a chicken at the feed store. Was told it was a male...all the birds in that cage were males...
    First, I took the Shamo. A very sweet girl. She seemed to be best buddies with the Polish "roo". Sat under her "roo" friend a lot. I kept going back and looking. One day there were a couple LF something or other roosters (for sure!) in the with this Polish. I watched. No fussing at all. Came to BYC and read many, many posts for about a week. Went and looked again. This chicken was/is missing feathers (bare patches) where hackle and saddle feathers would be. No tail either. What I saw was a gold laced Polish with a crest that is black and white. Looked closer....the crest is quite round! All the feathers are definitely rounded! The comb is teeny tiny as are the wattles. I asked if he had ever heard a crow? Nope. I asked how he knew it was a rooster? Spurs. When I picked it up - oh, yes, it let me no problem! I saw 1/2" spur on one leg and 1/4" out of the side of the other leg. I've read on here a post from a Polish owner whose hens had spurs. I took her home! The final test? My bratty 6 mo old bantam cockeral Dio snuggles up to her. [​IMG] He faced off and chased my 9 week old PBR who was a cockeral (he got rehomed). Dio does not like other boys!

    Her name is Prudence. yes, Dear Prudence and yes, I do sing to her. [​IMG] Nobody picks on her at all!! She got along with everybody immediately! She is quickly finding a special place in my heart and I would have missed out if y'all hadn't been so great about sharing information about this breed!!!

    Thanks for reading my ramble!
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  2. CrestedGirl

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    Mar 7, 2011
    Fort Worth, Tx
    Congrats [​IMG] [​IMG] Polish are my absolute favorite too [​IMG] . Do you have a pic of her?
  3. aubreynoramarie

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    May 27, 2010
    Reno, Nevada
    [​IMG] congrats!
  4. navasima

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    Aug 6, 2011
    New Mexico
    I'll try for a pic tomorrow, but ony have my cell phone to work with at the moment.... [​IMG]
  5. muddyhorse

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    Aug 11, 2009
    Bloomsdale, MO
    she sounds sweet [​IMG]
    be sure to check her for mites polish seem to get them worse than other birds
  6. Illia

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    Oct 19, 2009
    Forks, WA

    Curious where did you find an actual Shamo at a feedstore? Wow!
  7. navasima

    navasima Chillin' With My Peeps

    Aug 6, 2011
    New Mexico
    There are a lot of them in this area. I took in a bald Shamo/sex link cross ( you can see the Shamo in her comb and legs, just a bit thick) and fell in love with her sounds and started reading up! This next girl is nice and lean and has legs taller than most of my banties. [​IMG] She has the same face as my first cross girl and the same cool sounds, but she's all Shamo. Both girls are super sweet! They take treats from my daughter's hands.....

    Mite check was done first thing. I had checked her former roommate as well 2 weeks prior. So good! Everything is getting a fresh DE dust tomorrow anyway..... and well...with 8 of my girls having bald spots (either rooster or picked on in their former home or moulting), mites and lice would be pretty easy to spot around here. [​IMG] I've upped their protein and my DH's least favorite phrase is now: '...but Honey, she is going to be beautiful...' Luckily for me, Dear Prudence looks just like the hen on the breed page except with some white in the crest, so I was able to point to the pic! [​IMG]

    Thanks all!!
  8. ziL

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    Oct 9, 2011
    Oswego County, NY
    I think my golden laced pullet is going to have spurs too. [​IMG]
    She iis still with the chickens I got her with as chicks; a Brahma cross cockeral, a Brahma cross pullet, amd two Silkie cockerals. She is pals with the Brahma cockeral (who is the dominent one) so she is about second in the pecking order despite her crest. [​IMG]

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