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    Hello by Backyard Chicken Peeps!

    I can not say thank you enough to "eggcentric" who posted a cure/help for bumble foot in chickens. I am a medical professional so taking the plug out and squeezing and cleansing the abcess was not a difficult task for me to do. I was nervous about pulling the plug (these were my sisters chickens) because to me that is the most logical thing to do for an abcess and allowing it to heal from the inside out is a no brainer for medical minded people. I have had to do this a few times for a couple of my cats in the past. I gave one dose of Pen G that I picked up from my vet supply and I applied the Chlorhexidine Solution to 2x2 4 ply gause sponges and folded it into a neat little square and used bright blue vet wrap. I wrapped it not to tight and in between her toes and she looked like she had pretty blue sandles on. What a sight to see. The gause sponges gave her nice cushion on her achy feet and no more limp. I kept her in the house in one of my large dog kennels with nice soft shavings and plenty of food and water and some free ranging in the dinning room and kitchen on occasion and it worked like a charm!!!!! I changed her dressings 2-3 times a day for the first 3 days and kept the scab from closing up the wound so the chlorhexidine could do its job on the staph and then I went to changing the dressings to twice a day. On the 2-3rd day I could see a HUGE difference in the swelling in her foot. These chickens were given to me by my sister and I was really worried about it not having a good outcome. But what I was doing before, soaking in the Epsom salts was not doing a thing for her. Even the antibiotic in the water wasn't working. So when the chickie girl was getting lethargic and taking a turn for the worse I had to get more aggressive in her care and thats when I came across you folks here at backyard chickens and read eggcentric's post. I will follow up today with another injection of Pen G just to give her a healing boost and to clear out anymore staph that may still be lingering. I will also keep the feet dressed until the scabs are completely gone. I don't want any reoccurances at all. To all those out there who have said don't mess with the plug, you could be doing your poor chickens a dis-service. Staph can kill a chicken and a human for that use gloves and wash up good afterward and bleach down the area where you are changing the bandages because you don't want to reinfect your chicken. Today I let her outside with her sister and they are soooooo happy to be together again even if she is still sporting the blue shoes. So thank you "eggcentric" whoever you are. You are a Chicken Angel sent from God that gave me great sound advice not to metion saving me a ton on a vet bill. California vets aren't cheap!!!!!! [​IMG]

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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] and [​IMG] from Ohio. So glad everything is working out. I have also had to deal with bumble foot. It wasn't fun, but it had to be done.
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    and [​IMG] on getting her back to health! (I hope I never have to deal with that...)

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