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Thank you so much BYC Forum members.....

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by MVK8563, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. MVK8563

    MVK8563 Hatching

    May 21, 2013
    Morrison, IL.
    This is the first time I have had anything to say on this website, I have been MUCH to busy, reading the "Coop design", "Raising baby chicks", "Feeding & Watering", "Predators and Pests" and "Emergencies/Diseases/Injuries" threads for a solid 4 months, for multiple HOURS everyday upon making the big decision to jump into the world of chickens.

    I knew nothing about chickens before that. I have read everyones warnings, ideas, successes and failures. It allowed me to pick and choose what I wanted based on your knowledge of what worked and what didnt, what looked good and what didnt, what made sense to me and what didnt. Feeders, waterers, brooders, nest boxes, coop floor, roosts, sand vs shavings, fencing, ACV, mealworms and on and on and on..... you couldnt get this volume of chicken education anywhere else on the planet!

    I ordered (all standard) 6 Cochin hens, 1 Cochin rooster, 1 Brahama, 1 Black Australorp, 1 Silver Laced Wyandotte, 1 Araucanas, 1 Deleware, 1 Red Star, 1 Brown Leghorn & 1 Buff Orp. They will be 6 weeks old this weekend. Thanks to all of you, only one didnt make it in the first week. The rest are all doing fantastic.

    My sole intention today is to thank you all for sharing your knowlwdge and experiences. I have stolen many of your designs and ideas for my own chickens. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

  2. ChirpyChicks1

    ChirpyChicks1 Songster

    Jul 22, 2013
    Well I hope you continue to visit the site and check in with us! I'd love to see pictures of your flock. It sounds like you have used this site exactly in the way people should, you have done your research and are making your own, informed, decisions! [​IMG] I've only been on this site since April but I visit every single day and the knowledge I have now is just amazing lol
  3. RonC

    RonC Songster

    Feb 28, 2012
  4. MVK8563

    MVK8563 Hatching

    May 21, 2013
    Morrison, IL.
    I couldn't agree with you more Chirpy. I love this website, I too visit daily. It is the ONLY place to learn chicken! I will take some photos and get them posted here. I have some pictures of them from a month ago, but they look nothing like that now! It's amazing how QUICKLY they grow. There were a couple of times that I could actually see that they had grown from the day before.

    THANKS RonC!!!!

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