Thank you Yomama and all for your support in our loss


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Jan 14, 2009
Thank you Yomama and others for your support in the death of our little serama Roo, Guapito. (Peato)

It is so difficult for me to handle his death. He had become my little pal, as a lap pet, since he couldn't walk or fly, he was quite content to sit and be patted. When one of ours becomes unable to survive in the flock, we bring it in to my room to help them recover. Because I have primary progressive MS, I am in bed, yet able to attend to medical needs of the pets and keep a watchful eye over them, with my dh's help.

Because we hatched nearly all of our flock by incubator, I have been thier first contact with the world. Each little group of hatchlings was kept by my bedside in thier brooder the first few weeks. They became imprinted on me and Hubby. We become attached to one another. I know each of them like the back of my hand. This also makes for a very tame and adorable flock. I have learned so much, watching them in every detail of thier little lives. I feel like the chicken whisperer here. I really thought I was going to be able to keep this little fellow going.

Over the few years that we have been raising the birds, there have been a few deaths., We have raised over a hundred "little souls". They include cochins, seramas, peafowl, silkies and various bantams. What joy they have brought us.

When the first disastrous death of a dear little serama occurred, I was very involved in the little funeral that we had for her. She was my DH's favorite. She was blind and her friend and guide was a peachick. They stayed together and where he went she followed. He got bigger and bigger and she stayed tiny. What an unlikely pair they made. We enjoyed watching them. It was amazing to see how she learned to cope with her loss of sight. (a great subject for another post.)
An owl got her in the middle of the day. They were outside of the covered pen because they were having an outing with DH, as they did everyday. It happened so fast, right here in town. It is something we might have expected on the farm, not in the courtyard of our home in town.

When most recently, little Guapito (a serama Roo) died, I could not bare to even look at the body. I cried til I sobbed. I think I am becoming traumatized by these losses, and need to find someone who can help me with the pshycology of it. I realize that I am dealing with fears of my own mortality each time, so perhaps this is the greater part of my emotional pain.

Well, I hope this helps someone in some small way. I don't want to be a downer. I say all this to say thank you for your support. You can only know how much it helps if you have been there yourself.
It is a good to have someone who shares our joys and sorrows. Thank you for responding to my post. And a big thank you to BYC for making this possible. May God bless and strengthen each of us as we help one another.
Your Friend,

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