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  1. little_grey_bantam

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    Mar 29, 2009
    Russell County
    So I've been in a bum mood for awhile now, mainly upset with how humans treat each other.
    I go through daily life seeing people just walk past each other and onto their own worlds.
    This makes me sad. Yeah, so great, they opened the door for you, but I think most of the times, it's due to routine than kindness.

    Well today, while scrambling around with two bottles of apple juice, a box of lasagna and a bag of chips, I decided I wanted ice cream (for my BF as a treat [​IMG] ). [I was trying to avoid using a cart or I'd fill it up - bad idea lol too much stuff to carry]
    I couldn't decide, so I asked the single older gentleman next to me for his choice.
    I think he was surprised I asked him for his choice and decided to talk to him despite him being a stranger.
    He chose the Bourbon Ice Cream Sundae since "Turtle/Bunny Tracks" sounded "wrong" LOL
    I told him if I didn't like it, it wouldn't be my fault, but his (in a joking manner).
    He smiled and told me that if that were the case, he'd pay me for them.
    While I'm fussing around with no, he sticks $4 in my hand, gives me his cart and runs away.
    I was a little horrified, since I was spending $4 on a small thing of ice cream, while he was seeking out food from the cheaper brand of dinner meals.

    While I was checking out, he walked up behind me and checked out. I talked to him for a bit, but just couldn't be awed by how sincere he was.
    I offered to pay some for him, but he just kept declining - when an older person does that, it's rude to bug them constantly, so I just gulped my pride and paid for my ice cream.

    He had a gentleman's kindness and just all the wonderful things the US was built on.
    It reminded me how strangers could be more than just the types of strangers Mother Dearest told you to watch out for.
    It made me think of how Grandfathers would tell their kids and grandkids how back then, people would give their shirts off their backs to help a stranger.
    It nearly put a tear in my eye and I just sat in the parking lot thinking about what I could do, no matter how small, to make someone's life bright that day or the next.
    It's just simple kindness like this that reminds me the world isn't all that bad of a place, that there are people out there who still make it worthwhile.
    And to think FOUR dollars made such a big difference.

    And to that gentleman, I wish him good karma and in a way wanted to thank him for restoring my faith and making my day brighter on this gloomy day <3
    I'll remember this for a long time [​IMG]
  2. ozark hen

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    Apr 4, 2007
    Mansfield, MO
    [​IMG] for the heartwarming story. I would just say...Pay It Forward. [​IMG]
  3. bubblebean11

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    Oct 25, 2009
    20 min N of Denver
    That was wonderful, and I do think the deed you did, was share the story so that more of us, who feel the same way, can enjoy the kindness that he shared with you. It is amazing how something that happens to one can affect a whole bunch more. Thanks [​IMG]
  4. little_grey_bantam

    little_grey_bantam Chillin' With My Peeps

    Mar 29, 2009
    Russell County

    I just thought it was silly, I mean, four dollars. It wasn't the money, it was the fact he was so giving. It could have been a dollar, but he had twinkle in his eye that just was so sincere it melted my heart.

    I hope I run into him someday. I'd give him a big hug!
  5. duckyfromoz

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    Jan 11, 2010
    What a lovely story. Its nice to hear it from the point of view from the receiver too.

    Its incredible how such a short meeting can leave such a long lasting fond memory- and of course remind us not to lose hope in humanity.

    NGT ANGL Chillin' With My Peeps

    Apr 2, 2009
    Locust Grove, VA
    What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing and making MY day brighter!
  7. CedarRidgeChicks

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    May 5, 2009
    Adair Co.Ky
    [​IMG]..great story..just pay it forward..(you'll get even more joy if you do!!)
  8. Bantimna

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    Sep 29, 2009
    South Africa
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. fordmommy

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    Jul 16, 2009
    That's pretty awesome! I just want to tell you all a story that happened to me last year.

    I went to our local discount grocery store last year with my youngest. It was a day like every other day. I got in line after shopping and I was like the 6th or 7th in line. A older gentleman comes up behind me and only has like 4 loaves of bread. I tell him he can go in front of me. "Are you sure?" he says as he looks at me and my youngest and my load of groceries. And I say, "Yes!"
    Well it turns out that he somehow knew the lady in front of me and they gibber gabbered the whole time. "How's so and so? How's the family?" You get it.
    Well-I get up to the end and I'm about to pay.....the cash regester lady says...."There was this lady earlier that wanted to pay for part of the 'young mom with the child' -'s groceries. And I looked around and I was the only mom in the store at the time. And this nice woman paid for $20.00 of my groceries. Now mind you, I had never met that woman before in my life. I was in awe that this could happen. She didn't know who I was or what my lifestyle was or anything. For all she could of known, I was a banker's wife. I'm not, but....we're not hard up either. I just try to save a buck wherever I can.
    So I go out to the parking lot and I'm walking to my truck and the woman pulls up and says, "I hope you weren't offened. I have a grandson that lives far away and I don't get to see him very often." And I say, "That was you? That was the nicest thing that anyone has ever done for me." And at this point were both crying.....So I thanked her and we both went on our ways.
    I then went to our local regular grocer because the other store just doesn't carry everything that we need. And I do my shopping and I'm in line, ready to pay, and I try to always go to the same lady. She's really cool and I love talking with her and I tell her what had just happened. And she says, "Well-I'm going to double wammy you." And I say "What?" And she says "Wait here." Goes and talks to the costumer service girl and comes back a minute later and says, "There's this older lady who lives around here and she buys up these gift cards and tells us to give them to people that we think deserve them." She ends up giving me $50.00 in gift cards. I was completely in shock! I have lived in this town most of my life and NO ONE has ever done something like that to me.
    I love the movie Pay It Forward and had just watched it like a week before all this. I knew that I wanted to do something for someone else. I may not be hard up, but I don't have money to throw around either. So I thought what I could do. I called our church and asked if there was anyone in need of baby blankets or coats or jackets or mittens. It was right around Thanksgiving last year. Our church took the blankets but had no need of the rest. At this time, there was not a 'Coats for Kids' drop off.
    I go to the grocery store the next week and what is right at the front door?????Coats for Kids drop off. I gave 15 winter jackets, some snow pants, hats and mittens, anything my kids had out grown. All REALLY nice stuff. I felt so good doing that. So I thought to myself, I still have to give something else.
    About 6 months goes by and I'm at the discount grocery store again and I am loading up my truck and this woman is looking all around and under vehicals. And I say "Did you loose something?" She had lost her keys and was on vacation. She was staying at the RV camp and no one else was there at the time so I offered her a ride. She excepts and says "That would have been a long walk back." It's about 5 miles to where she was staying.

    There are still nice people in this world.But it seems that we are far and in between. We need to set examples for everyone else! [​IMG]
  10. MagsC

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    Jul 27, 2008
    Very heartwarming and gave me my first smile of the day.[​IMG]

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