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    I got 8 fertile lavender orpington eggs on Ebay early in Oct. I first gave them to my broody hen who sat on them for 19 days, then eggs started being broken into- 2 to be exact. Fired up the incubator and put the remaining 6 eggs inside. 4 babies hatched perfectly, but number 5 pipped a small hole in the shell and then no progress for almost 24 hours. Last night, I read and read all about whether you should help a chick out of the eggs- all the pros and cons and exactly how to do it if I did. This morning I said " what the heck" and began with moist hot towels, warm spray and a toothpick. I carefully chipped away at the shell til the big guy just came right out. He or she was huge, had pooped in the shell, and was very bent and contorted in the shell. Dried he or she off with the hair dryer, put him back in the incubator and now he seems to be doing fine. Will keep fingers crossed. Hoping for the best, but a wonderful way to start off the morning. Thank you to all the previous posts helping a newbie out.
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    I would love to have a lavander! good luck.

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