Thank you!


11 Years
Sep 7, 2008
I just want to say as a newbie, thank you all so much for your patience and kindness that you have shown to those of us who are new to chickens. At other message boards (none poultry ones), if a new posters asks a question that's been answered before the "regulars" flip out, so anyone who reads the boards for a while is afraid to ask anything. I've never seen that here. I know that we ask a lot of questions that some of you must be rolling your eyes at, but I just want to express my appreciation for all of you. In the short time I've been here I've learned so much. So thank you all!
Everybody here was a newbie at one time. We all asked questions that have been asked tons of times (if not related to chickens, then something else in life) and hopefully we never forget that.

It won't be long before you all will have learned new personal experiences and will be able to share those with others on here, including those who've been doing it a while, and teach us something!

Glad you're here!!
This is a great place and from what I have seen most people are tolerant of newbies to the hobby.(Me being one of them!
Same here, I know the first question I asked had something to do with raising baby chicks, and now that I've been here a while I discovered that the first like HUNDRED questions had been previously answered! Like the other post said, everyone was new here at one point. Good luck with your chickens, and you're welcome!
Ask as many questions as you like as many times as you want....that's what we are all here for....welcome "newbie" to a huge family of friends...x

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