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    Sep 28, 2011
    What I am THANKFUL FOR !

    After the horrible Flood in 2007 right before Christmas in the one of the coldest times of the year here ~ which left our community in shambles and in need... Power was out for a couple weeks for us, and no phone for a month at least, no internet for over a month... (at that time we did not have a cell phone) YES we live in the country on a dead in road, our little slice of heaven, but after that natural disaster it changed our family forever.

    We were luckier than some, but I remember being stranded in an abandoned house with my nieghbors (all 9 of us) waiting for air lifts & evac. No power, or running water for 2 days, a couple cans of food, animal crackers, and 5 gallons of drinking water. My 2 children were hungry as were all of us, one cell phone with little battery left. Enough to phone 911 to air lift my good neighbor friend who lost her meds in the flood, was missing her Dialysis, and Chemo.

    Our community came together, like one who would have lived BEFORE power etc. We all had to resort to basic living, and relying on the help of your nieghbors... It was a horrible horrible devastating blow, BUT in the midst of it, it taught out young family to be prepared, and to learn how to be more sufficient.

    This is our story, on how we became more self sufficient & where we are from. Where we are from is more than a location, its our history!

    Not alot of people know it was the 2nd largest airlift since Katrina... There were cows in the trees, livestock drowned. We stayed in an abandoned house during the flood, gathered dry firewood, I had only a robe, socks & muck boots. I now will NEVER let my kids go hungry during a disaster EVER again. We live in a no flood zone, & my neighbor who was 90 lived here his whole live as well as his grandfather had never seen anything of the likes of this. To see everything you own in a pile of muddy mess in front of your house with a pile burning your prized possesions. I hate to count material things lost because my family was safe.

    THE WORST was all the "looky lu's" I know they meant no harm, but it felt like each of our houses were on dislplay like a zoo exhibit, while they would take pictures of us shoveling mud, and just kept driving. Natural curiousity I know... THEN their were looters who stole from the homes that were flooded. One nieghbor actaully helped a guy get unstuck from the mud, ONLY to find out he just looted his home....

    We ate warm meals at the fire hall, and the Red Cross were at our doorsteps to help ~ I would NEVER hesitate to donate to them!

    Our roads were lifted, bridges destroyed & heirlooms lost forever. My other friend who lived a mile down the road had her house lifted by the river, & floated downtream with her & her mom, dad, and two small children sitting on the roof awaiting airvac via helicopter. We watched everything float down the river between propane tanks, quads, vehicles etc.
    We have survived this, and my children will always remember. Everytime our river gets high my kids ask "Mom is it going to flood?" There are only a few things that we wanted ~ DRY SOCKS #1 ! food for us & food for our animals (dogfood)

    ANYTHING can happen ~ whether it be a flood/hurricane/tornado/earthquake/fire.... Be prepared, AND MOST important br THANKFUL for everything you have.
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    I can't even imagine living through such an experience. The emotional toll alone had to be agonizing. [​IMG] I am glad your family is ok.

    I can feel the strength and wisdom in your words. You have managed to remind us to be thankful for what we have and to be prepared for the unexpected. Thank you for sharing this with us.
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    Sep 28, 2011
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    I can't imagine . . .

    So glad that you and your family made it through. I hope the memories get less painful as time goes by.

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    Aug 3, 2011
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    Strength to you [​IMG]
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    Sep 23, 2010
    [​IMG] I am so sorry and know the memories will never go away but hopefully the pain will [​IMG] . I hope you have rebuilt and are trying to get your lives back on track.

    I understand what you mean about material things my parents house burnt to the ground they lost 60 years of their lives and everyone was like it's okay it's just stuff but they didn't get it my mom said I don't even have a tooth brush [​IMG]

    I still lie awake some nights remembering the ashes and I swear I can still smell it as I have dreams of digging through it looking for any thing that may have survived
    Those memories are now a part of me but the pain is getting a little less day by day
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    Jun 15, 2010
    Big Bend, WI
    It pulls at my heart strings that you and your kids were hungry.

    Me and my husband lost our jobs in 2010, and for a few months it was VERY hard to put food on the table. Not anything like your situtation, but I know that terrible feeling of your child being hungry and your not able to provide.

    It's close to the worse feeling possible. [​IMG]
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    Nov 28, 2011
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    Sep 28, 2011
    Quote:I guess that was the one thing I did learn ~ How to NOT rely on technology [​IMG] That was the thing I brought from this. & yes with the economy being what it is also ( I am still fortunate to be a STAHM) I hope to fill my freezer with meat I am raising now, and I currently barter with my nieghbors for homemade canned goods, garden grown frozen/fresh veggies/berries/fruits, fresh fish, clams, and herbs.

    I am hoping to succeed in this new venture of keeping happy healthy poultry!

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