Thankful for our neighbors!/Dogs escaped


Dec 29, 2017
Battle Ground, WA
Please don't bash us for our dogs escaping. They're normally watched closely in the backyard due to the chickens free ranging but today my dad had to use the bathroom himself so he left him out there alone for 4-5 minutes. Had I known they all were out there, I would have watched them but I didn't know.

So thankful for our neighbors!

My dad had let the dogs in the backyard and then ran to the bathroom himself. Came back out to hear the neighbors knocking at the door and they had Mooshu. He hadn't even bolted when they grabbed him and just let them lead him back to our house. They told us our dogs had escaped so my dad and younger brother ran out to go get them and had to take the car because of how far the girls got.They were able to catch Hazel Grace and get her into the car but Mika bolted when they tried to catch her.

I went outside just in case they came back and who do I see running towards me? Mika! I quickly got her over to me and then grabbed her before leading her back inside the house. My dad, younger brother, and the neighbors helping us all came back with Hazel Grace.

Don't worry they'll be watched at all times from now on until we fix the gate.


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Dec 29, 2015
Mossyrock, WA
Can remember way back when my aunt and uncle had one still , there was one in the house but 6 kids so it was kept active it is the one blew up with my uncle in their that was a greeat time in life and still have mine anyways byc laugh off chair.gif
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