Thankful for those who've "blazed the trail"! :)

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  1. chickymonkey

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    May 23, 2016
    Hi ya'll. So I ended up with all girls and wanted a rooster. I'm very new at the while chicken thing. So many people stepped up and offered me roosters! We were fortunate to live near Ugly Foot and she gifted us with this handsome fellow. We've named him "Oliver" (Twist). The girls are bein rude and standoffish. One pecked him. But he's settling in well and I'm sure they'll change their tune soon enough. Ugly Foot shared so much knowledge and all of ya'll on here are so helpful! Thank ya'll! @UGLYFOOT

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    Apr 5, 2015
    Spirit Lake, Idaho
    You are very welcome! This site is such a huge help to me... My family and friends are tired of hearing "Well,,,, I read on Backyardchickens...." Ha Ha. Keep reading and learning. But... Beware of chicken math! As you saw what it did to me. The quail are in what was my "first" chicken coop where the three original hens were kept. Besides my breeding pens that you saw under construction, there will be another large coop like the one Oliver was in, right next to it to the left. It will house more layers and breeders when they are not separated. I still have several breeds that I want to have, but not as breeding stock to sell eggs or chicks. Just because I like pretty and unusual chickens that lay many different colored eggs. Any time you want to talk chickens give me a text or message. I was very nice meeting you both.

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