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Apr 12, 2015
Montgomery, TX
Happy Thanksgiving to those in the United States. In the spirit of being thankful, I thought I would start a chain of “BYC User Thanks”.


If you’ve been thankful for someone on the site, mention it here. I’ll start. With @aart. I have a feeling she is going to feel a little uncomfortable being called out.... but :idunno.... sometimes that’s half the fun. :oops:

There isn’t another BYC member that has made me think as much or grow as much as a chicken keeper.

You’re so articulate and succinct and no nonsense yet compassionate and caring. I just wanted you to know that I appreciate it so much.

I’ve realized I can respect my animals and also that I can still celebrate the spirituality of the world around me, without entering into this dangerous territory of projecting things onto them. It doesn’t meant I cannot love them and appreciate what they bring to me, and In a way, it makes me feel a deeper connection. All of this personal growth comes directly from @aart’s comments through the years about anthropomorphism.

whenever I’m doing BYC research and I stumble upon an older post with an @aart comment I always feel like it was put there for me at that moment. :lau

so, THANK YOU AART! You’re very much appreciated, every day.

Who wants to go next??? :yesss:


Sep 4, 2019
Ooh, me!!!:ya

I can't decide between @Kiki, @sourland, @sumi, and @casportpony. They all donate so much time to this website. They're always positive and nice and ready to help others.

There are so many other great BYCers, and it was very hard to chose just a few (sorry if I'm only supposed to do one, @jolenesdad, but that is impossible!). I am going to thank all the BYCers on the website for being here!
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