Thankful Thursday. Thirsty Three Times Think Thickish

Partying for Thanksgiving like normal?

  • Yes

    Votes: 19 25.0%
  • No

    Votes: 35 46.1%
  • Thinking about it

    Votes: 2 2.6%
  • Small party

    Votes: 12 15.8%
  • With rum

    Votes: 8 10.5%

  • Total voters
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room onthebroom

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May 4, 2015
100 Acre Wood Pooh Corner, USA
Engineer your own. When the police abuse their power the people need to do something. The cop drone was literally hovering over Bad and then myself. They bailed as soon as I looked up and threw them the finger. They broke the law, the law on which they are paid to enforce. Had I known the cops had a drone at that point in time, I would have raised hell. It wasn’t until we mentioned it to Jeff and he let us know the cops had a drone. Buttwipes anyways.
This was not a police drone. It was a nosey person. DH watched it fly over the field & land at the house on the hill directly across from us. We live on a private road. If google street view can’t come up here, drones that don’t live on this road shouldn’t be allowed to either.

I had paranoid thoughts all night of waking up & finding that thing looking in my window.:mad:


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Jul 31, 2015
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What are those? I bought two skyrocket junipers when I was up in OR for my new property. I'm going to make a hedge out of them, but my friend could only keep two of them for me. I'll buy more when I'm up there often enough to take care of them.
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