Thanks for reassurance re. stroppy gander - much better now!


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9 Years
Jan 5, 2011
Hi all,

I've posted a couple of times about my young Toulouse gander who is getting stroppy (hissing and biting my foot). Thanks for your reassurance - my husband and I have worked out a new strategy and it really seems to be working.

Basically, instead of just grabbing him when he gets aggressive, we are now catching him firmly by the neck, stretching him out and holding him down on the ground with his neck extended (all in front of his flock, of course!). Once down, he stops fighting straight away, and when we let him up, he just runs off. His behaviour is so much better now, he's a different bird - much less hissing and only very occasional biting. I can even herd him into the shed at night now (this had become a major battle of wills).

So thank you all!


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