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    Feb 18, 2009
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    I just wanted to thank everyone here on BYC for sharing a bit (sometimes more) of their lives with the rest of us here. I lurked in the shadows for the a few months and then joined, just to learn about my new chicken addiction. I have sinced shared in births, kids, relationships and illnesses to name a few. It has all been very enlightening. Today, I read posts from people who gave up for adoption or were adopted. Who new this happened so frequently. Boyd, SillyStunt, RedHen & Saddina, I find your foster stories fascinating, though I have no involvement in fostering. ParsonsWife, I look forward to your new posts.

    I think I'm a little sentimental today. I'm going to get off my mushy soap box now.
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    Sep 25, 2007

    BYC ROCKS! I always told myself I'd never join a forum. I joined BYC to get a few questions answered a couple years ago...and I stayed. Great bunch of folks, so much to learn, so much heartfelt advice on not only chickens, but many life aspects!

    Good for you for appreciating!
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    australorpchick, I agree with you 10000%!!

    I have loved being a part of this community for a skadillion reasons besides the chick-addiction, and have sincere affection for many members.

    I want to say, though I've been a geek with relationships online since 1994, when most people didn't even have a computer, I haven't had any real connection to folks, nor have I wanted to!

    I love this site, and a huge part of it has to do with the sincerity of the members, the family-friendly rules and mutual respect that are all upheld not just by our amazing mods, but also each other. We are held accountable and kept positive by this environment! I adore that folks will pick me up, dust me off, and tell me to quit whining, if need be- and that I can help others to do the same thing. And this is all in addition to the vast experience and information available!

    ...K, I'll get off my mushy soapbox now, too...

    I love you guys!!!

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