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    Mar 1, 2012
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    This is a poop free water dispenser I found plans for on BYC.....
    5 gallon bucket with lid
    Pvc threaded male & female connector i used 3/4 some people use 1/2
    Two gromets
    6ft of PVC and Glue
    Three 3/4 T s
    Two 3/4 90* * = degree symbol
    Four 3/4 45*

    four end caps
    4 water nipples ....... i ordered mine off the internet im still waiting for them

    Its real simple drill a I" hole in the bottom of the bucket
    insert the male end of the connector with gromet
    screw on female connector with gromet
    cut pieces of pvc into 3 one foot sticks and 4 nine inch pieces and
    assemble PVC as shown in picture and glue on flat surface
    Drill hole in end cap "size varies depending on size of water nipples "
    I used silicone on the inside and outside of the bucket where the male and female connector is just to make sure there is no leaks . you can add a ball valve for draining but i was building on a budget

    cost about 15 bucks to make .I m sure yall have seen this before but I thought it was too cool not to share[​IMG]

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