thanks for the help everyone with my MUSCOVY ducks! love to see some pics of yours!

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    .[​IMG] om/albums/ag76/13Lesander/VIDEO0250_0000105072_zps428aed77.jpg[/IMG] thanks to everyone on here who helped me raise my ducklings into friendly healthy ducks...they sure are a different kind of pet! Love em to bits, and the dogs love them, my Boston terrier has a special bond with clover my white duck, she tries so hard to get her to play! My 13 yr old cat spends a few hours a night guarding their cage and sleeping by it too, so cute. My sweet lil girls have discovered my upstairs sundeck unfortunately, as they got more curious of the yard they ventured up the stairs. they waddle up 2 flights of stairs which of course isn't safe, they aren't the most graceful :/ (duck proofed now) luckily we have a ramp on the farside that is slip proof for the dogs that goes to a little hill which works great to get them off...they each have a wing clipped so they can't fly. They seem to by enjoying fall, they love the rain and leaves, they spend most of their time looking for bugs under the leaves. Has been great to watch them grow, please share some pictures of your ducks! Happy fall everyone :)
    . [​IMG]
    A few of them...
    And them as little ducklings...[​IMG]
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    Wonderful report! Congratulations!

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