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    About a year ago I searched around here and found some designs for keeping my waterer from freezing. I could never find a cookie can the right size to put the light bulb in, so I built a wooden box about 13 X 13 X 5 inches high, and mounted a glass covered barn light fixture on the bottom and lined it with reflective thin insulation material. The top is a layer of thin roofing zinc.

    We have a huge mass of arctic/Siberian air hanging over Europe now, so lately at the farm it has been alot colder than normal, withhighs around 26 or 27 F. Last night it was down to about 12 F, (I know that isn't very cold for the north), but the box worked great with only a 40 watt bulb. A second waterer without any heater was WAAAY frozen sitting not far away.

    Sorry no pictures, but it's just a box I guess. The chickens are sure happy though.

    I have a very good year round spring, and have thought about plumbing it through a waterer in the henhouse, but that would be too complex and if it plugged up, the mess would be colossal if I wasn't around to stop it.



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