Thanks to all of you on my success on raising Cornish X


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My husband has always wanted chickens. Growing up we had chickens, and all I remember was they pooped everywhere, and the ones we ate were TOUGH!

Then our neighbor gave us one of their chickens they had just killed. I grilled it on the rotisserie and my husband said, “You know I don’t like rotisserie chicken!” We both changed our minds. That was the best chicken we had ever eaten.

We did a little research, ordered some Cornish X and 2 weeks later some layer pullets. I would find my self out every day watching the chickens. And enjoying them. And was amazed at the differences in the 2 types. I did some more research, and found this place to be the best source of information. Every time I had a question, I would find the answer here.

We started with an order of 25 roosters. One died at 4 days old. One flipped at 6 wks and one at 8 wks. One was dinner to a dog. One got ran over and one got stepped on by the lambs, but they both lived. (Those 2 – as they were much smaller - became our guinea pigs at processing time.)

I raised mine in a 10x10 hoop coop built out of scraps. I used a portable dog pen we used to take camping with us to let them out of the coop for more room. Eventually I let them free range during the day and in the coop at night.

I learned a lot in the process of raising these guys, sometimes after the fact. I wish I had found this forum before I jumped in head first as it would have saved some headaches, but now I know better. I know what to do next time.

And will there be a next time? I just received 30 chicks the other day.

So thanks guys!
That's pretty cool... many good dinners and experiences to come.

Isn't funny that you spend so much time watching the chicks/chickens? If you think that's bad wait until you hang around here for any periods of time...

Welcome to BYC.....

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