Thanks to all of you!


Sep 6, 2013
Stockton, California
Thank all of you for helping me in my recent retirement! I've learned so much from your website! You folks helped me set up the coop and aviary. Inspired me in designing a no-waste feeder, build an incubator, and I'm now waiting for the eggs to hatch. Started with 9 and have only had to remove one around day 14. They are at day 18 and again you've helped with my concern on movement. Humidity is at 55% and doesn't seem like it's going to get any higher! I've got the whole bottom filled with containers and sponges.
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Welcome to BYC
Good luck with your hatch!
I added a small rubber sheet, to the inside of the trough, with a slit to allow easier access to the feed. It closes back up to prevent spillage. I cover the trough at night. No Mice!! LOL

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