Thanks to all: Wire Going Up Tomorrow--Any Advice?


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Sep 15, 2008
OK, first thanks to everyone for so politely and thoroughly responding to my many questions about everything!
What would I do without all of you?? Sorry, but can't pay you in eggs since only one girl (out of 2!) is laying and only 1 egg every 3 days

It's 8 x 8. We're doing hardware cloth 1 foot down and 1 foot buried, chicken wire to the top, and that plastic poultry netting on top for Mr. Hawk. Any last minute suggestions from the experts out there? Did we miss anything major? I'm all ears.

many thanks,



Time Out
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Oct 6, 2008
middle TN
Quote:That looks like its goin to be very predator proof with wire on it to me.

maybe some 45 degree cross bracing on the door to keep it from sagging as quickly.

bailing wire ran from corner to corner and tighten it with a stick like when you build fence would also work ok.

normally to build a gate or door like that i would turn the 2x4s up on edge <3.5 inch side facing you> cut them on a 45 and use gang nails to put them together vs being flat < 1.5 inch side facing you> like they are .

sagging doors are a big thing to me so if its not to you then disregard all and nice lil run either way.


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Aug 16, 2008
Hartwood, VA 22406
If you have the extra chicken wire I would run it over the top as well. I have read some posts on here that say an animal could pull apart the chicken wire. I backed mine with 2"x3" welded cage wire. Also if you get a racoon that climbs onto the top I'm sure it would tear right through the plastic netting. It is always better to over protect your chickens than to lose one to a predator. Good Luck!

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