13 Years
Feb 21, 2009
Sandia Mountains, New Mexico
Hey, I want to Thank you guys for sharing information and addiction so freely. It's made my first round with the incubator less much so that I am dying to get more and more and more eggs! Right now I have RR Banty's in the 'bator. I bought 12 on eggbid and now have five that for sure are developing (I am on day 7) I figure that if I get 3-5 babies that is not too bad for a first round. I am dying to bid on the Black Copper Marans but I am sitting on my hands and being good! I have Barenvelders coming from Julie of Gabbard farms first of May and Christina of Peace of Thyme first of May. I can hardly wait! These little Bantys are my "pratice" run. I bet they'll be cute when they hatch.

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