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    i am waiting on a seat in the clemson npip class again. i will check further into sc law ref to the last post..

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  2. Ar you a member of NPIP and Pullorum Free? If you are not, the producers have a legitimate concern.

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    Where I live, unless you are an NPIP approved hatchery, you can't sell your poultry to a feed store unless the feed store is willing to pay a fee based on how many birds they intend to sell in a 12 month period to Texas Animal Health Commission for a certificate to sell the poultry.

    Our feed store asked us if we could provide them with chicks, but we are not NPIP approved, so we couldn't. The feed store didn't even know about the law. I know the fines for non-compliance are extremely large.

    Now, the feed store just gives people our phone number if they ask for chicks or rabbits.

    We already get tested for Pullorum/Typhoid, and Avian Influenza yearly, plus we pay yearly for our certificate from animal health to sell our poultry. We just haven't gotten any clear answers about the cost to apply to be an NPIP approved hatchery. We get the run-a-round about the cost, so we haven't done it yet.

    I don't know about your state, but you might contact your animal health commission to find out what the laws are.

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    the class is awesome-I just took it over at CU,They even provided lunch (subs and chips) had coffee too [​IMG].got to observe a necropsy,blood test a couple of hens.Well worth the $

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