Thanksgiving and the food bank

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    Mar 9, 2008
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    I just got a note from the post office saying they will be picking up food donations left beside the mailboxes this Saturday. A couple of times a year they do this for the local food banks. I like to use some time preceding to go through my pantry and get rid of anything getting close to it's expiry date (though not passed it - I don't think that is fair). It helps others, it makes me feel good and it keeps my pantry current so if anything does happen, earthquake or whatever, I'm not stuck with out of date food.

    What do other BYCers do?
  2. Buff Hooligans

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    Jun 11, 2007
    We bring canned goods to our church every Sunday morning. They give it all the the local food pantry.
    My husband buys lots of whatever's on sale to be able to give to others.
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    Our local food bank has drop off boxes outside both our grocery stores. The boxes have chalkboards on top that list what their most urgent need is. Around the holidays they usually get some boyscouts to stand inside the store handing out a list of what they would appreciate having. I take the holiday list and try to get a few items from it. During the year, my youngest son always runs to the board and finds an item he'd like to donate.

    Pupsnpullets, that's a great idea to use this time to get perfectly good food out of the pantry that we aren't going to use!
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    In the past I've gone to the dollar store and picked up tons of different canned foods. They have pretty good brands too! For $1.00, you really can't go wrong. They usually have gravy, green beans, cranberry sauce, etc. I've also donated tons of soup packages, especially chicken noodle and ramen soup. You can make a whole meal out of soup and it lasts a long time. I eat soup at almost every meal LOL.
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    I will buy what is on sale and take to the food pantry (where I volunteer). One of the local missions puts out "We need....." on the marquis and sometimes I will see what they need and take some to them.

    I always fill a bag when someone is having a drive, boy scouts, churches, whomever.

    I also have to drop a dollar in each Salvation Army bucket I see.

    We have been blessed.
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    Nov 16, 2009
    I got a great deal on turkeys one year. I made 30 complete smoked turkey dinners. 10-12 pound turkey, green beans, stuffing, mash potatoes and gravy for 4 people.

    there was enough left over that everyone working there got a free thanksgiving dinner. God layed it on my heart and confirmed it to me the way it worked out in the end. I was giving them 5 turkeys a day for a week.
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    I usually give to the post office as well but I also try to help anyneighbors who need it. This year my daughter has a friend who just had brain surgery. She has 4 children the youngest 16 mos. Today we went to the store and bought them groceries, not just for thanksgiving but for everyday as well I believe in playing it forward whenever I can but I have seen so many who don't need it standing in line taking free food that I like to give where I know it is needed.
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    Aug 3, 2009
    I would like to thank everyone here for their giving to the food banks to help the family's struggling.
    With out good people like you some people would go with out and children would go to bed hungry.

    I am one of the family's that need the help of the food bank right now. With out you my children would be cold and hungry.
    Because of your caring my children are warm, fed and healthy.

    I can not Thank you all enough for your help, and even if you are not donating to the area that I live in. I still feel that you are the ones that have helped my children.

    Thank you and God Bless.
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