Thanksgiving dinner FOR ducks

Duck Hill

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Jun 17, 2015
South Carolina

Thanksgiving dinner for my ducks!
Recipe: Cut the very top off of the pumpkin. Do not clean out the inside. Fill two thirds full of scratch mix. Bake for an hour or two till nearly done. The pumpkin creates enough juice while cooking to plump up the scratch and give it a good flavor. Add two pounds of green garden peas (frozen, in this case). Bake another half hour or so. Let cool. Cut the top off the pumpkin to the level of the food. Serve. My ducks love peas, so while the pumpkin looked strange to them they came for the peas. Then after a bit they discovered the pumpkin-y scratch. They loved that too.

After they were done I let the chickens have a go at it. They loved it as well! By the end of the second day, even the pumpkin was mostly gone.

Terrific idea!! We just put a half of pumpkin out to see who liked and who didn't. Chickens are all over it; ducks and geese - not so much... I'll have to "lace" it with yummy treats and see if that increases the appeal factor. Thanks for sharing this idea.

Troy & Tina
The first time I put out a half pumpkin, like you, without filling, and the ducks left it alone during the day, they preferred foraging. But I put it in their house overnight and during those long, boring night-time hours... by morning half of it was gone. Now they are getting used to the taste of it.
When I offer raw pumpkin to my girls they just eat the seeds and the stringy pulp.

But if I bake it in the oven for anout an hour and jet cool in oven over night and put it out for them they eat everything but the toughest parts of the skin.

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