Thanksgiving Help Please


11 Years
Feb 4, 2008
Venice, Florida
I have 2 toms. One is a bronze I think, he's pretty big. He has a really nice personality. I have a younger tom also who is the breed I would really like to have, a Naragannset. The two hens one is a mixed breed and the other is a blue slate. So I really would only have designer turkeys no matter who I keep.

Should I keep them both and see if I can locate another farm raised tom to eat? Or do I eat the mixed breed guy and keep the younger one. It will be spring before I'm able to get more, unless something comes along, but that's more realistic. My only concern is that once the younger guy starts being more studdy and is bigger (he's 6 months) that they may fight - at this point each has a girlfriend he runs around with.

The plan was originally to have a fresh turkey for thanksgiving.
It appears you just answered your own question.

Here is what I would do... eat the big guy for Thanksgiving and a mixed breed hen for Christmas.

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