That darn cat! OMG

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by calicokat, Dec 9, 2010.

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    Apr 2, 2009
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    Just had to share with other cat folks out there. Boy when they say cats are independent, they are right!

    We had a beautiful, I mean GEORGOUS, long haired siamese cat. It came from older friends that had to go into a home and couldn't take him. He was pretty wild and hard to catch even though he was indoors (little bugger is a great color for hiding lots of places, but up inside the back, bottom part of an old freezer in the celler was his favorite) but we finally got him and brought him home Feb. of this year.

    He lived in DD 15's room, under the bed mostly. Came out at night and went downstairs to sit in the living room window and watch the world. The dog and he had a workable truce going. Summer came and he'd go out on the second story's roof (no screens in the old farmhouse) to get sun. Really wanted down and "out" so we let him out some. Usually stayed close and DD would get him and bring him in. I'd say he went out maybe 2 times a week, tops.

    Well! 7 weeks ago or so, he went out, but didn't come back. Looked and called and looked some more, but no cat. I said, he's so pretty someone probably took him. DD & DH corrected me and said, no one can get near him! He'd run. So after about a month I changed my siggy line here and dropped him. Gave up and decided something got him. Moved on.

    That little poop!! I saw him in the field by our house last Monday! He's been living in the old barn where the neighbor farmer hangs tobacco, and out in the field where they have outdoor hanging! He is within a stone's throw of our house, and probably he's the one that got our two banty chickens a month ago!

    I stopped the car, got out, called his name and . . . . .he took off running & disappeared. I"ve seen him 3 more times (cause I come home from the left now, instead of the right, so I can look for the darn fella!) Each time, I stop and try to call for him and off he goes.

    Tell me again why I love cats?? What's funny is, I used to talk to the lady on the phone before we took Smokey in, and I'd ask how her cat was. She'd say, "Oh, he's as rotten as ever!" & I'd say, "Oh, now, he's not rotten." Well, YES HE IS ROTTEN!

    I sure hope he gets colder than a well diggers tushy and decides he liked a warm house last winter - cause DD is devestated and thinks he doesn't love her and that's why he won't come home *sigh*
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    May 10, 2010
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    What a turd. Those are the kind of cats that make people into cat haters. [​IMG]

    I hope you can get him home where he belongs! [​IMG]
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    Feb 24, 2010
    If you hadn't done so already, you should probably leave some food out for him. He doesn't sound very domestic though. I would try to let him live the life he chose, but if he's killing chickens it would be a short one. I have been giving my cat extra special treatment since she chased that dog away from the coop.
  4. Orchid

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    May 10, 2010
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    Quote:You have a peacekeeper cat too? [​IMG] I have a big grey and white neutered male who is the peacekeeper of the yard; anyone gets out of line and they get whacked a good one by Sneaky. Even rough play is not allowed.

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