That's Maine for ya!

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    Apr 29, 2009

    Sedna Flake; has Step-bo defribillators, Jacuzzi pebblesniffers, ramped-up turnoes, brand new bezzlewicks. Boise Cascade sound system with 3 speakers, 4-track tape, and bd player, AM/PM radial, cable TV (long, long cord). Washed and vacuumed in 1993. Fungus on the tires, 2 ply. Paint has entirely chipped off. Dusty. Powerful steering, crank door locks, frosted windows, front-view mirrors (coin-operated). Takes sensitive mixture of gas, oil, diesel, and Mountain Dew. Hybrid - runs on 7430 AAA batteries. Wooden roof, leaks. Hot and cold running water (depending on where it leaks - one comes directly from windshield, other passes through heater). Trunk seat faces sideways. Removable sunroof (can't find it, but will send when I do). Smells slightly of goat. Willing to trade for a hammer or king sized sheets, or maybe a summer cottage.

    Nuf said.
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Maybe they were hoping that honesty would be the best policy? EGADS!

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