The 3 Stooges need a home! Silkie & 2 showgirl roosters

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    I hatched these guys from shipped eggs and they are now 8 months old. Unfortunately for me, they are all boys and I'm not sure how understanding my neighbors are going to continue to be. I love these guys but I really need to find them a home where they can crow their hearts out and not cause a problem. They are almost always together, never fight and have never been aggressive towards any person, hen or chicks. They spend their days walking around my fenced yard together and sleep in an Eglu coop at night. I would prefer they find a home together since they seem to really like each other [​IMG] They have bred my mille fleur hens (I know this because I have some naked neck mille fleur x showgirls chicks) so they are definitely fertile but have never fought over hens. I got them from show me silkies in Missouri so if you're interested in breeding, you can see his website. They really are nice birds.
    They are FREE to good home only. I live in Ormond Beach, FL and can deliver them within an hour or so if needed. No shipping. Please email me if you would like more information.


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    Lordy, those are cute.
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    I have been looking for a showgirl for a loooong time! [​IMG] Would you deliver to Dunnellon? [​IMG]
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