The 4-pack and their ill-behaved leader....

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by BickeringToast, Jul 24, 2013.

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    Well my 4-pack of Drakes are nearly 5 months old now....and they are all brats (but very cute)!

    They are still using a kiddie pool (pond should be finished in the next few weeks), but they barely want to get in because it is the 'pool of perversion'! They swim around in a circle, each one trying to molest the pervert in front of him. The act of trying to molest the drake in front while at the same time trying to avoid being molested wears them out pretty quick and everyone flops out of the pool of perversion within minutes [​IMG]

    My question is about Niles (khaki campbell): he nips Daphne (WH) all the time like he is bossing him around! Daphne has no 'marks' or anything on him, and he seems perfectly healthy, but I do notice sometimes when I hand out peas that Daphne will try to stay away from any area with Niles to avoid a nip!

    Is this normal and just the 'pecking' order? Daphne is able to eat just fine and drink, and they 4 of them stick together all the time. That Niles is just a little tyrant!

    Thanks for any advice/info!
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    Y'know, in Spring, a young drake's fancy turns to "gettin' some.". And in Summer.... And Autumn. ;)

    It tends to get tangled up in Duck Pecking Order routines. Domination is assured through mounting another drake in multiple drake situations. I have 30 Cayugas, six are juveniles, and too many adult drakes for the number of ducks. I also have a solo call drake. There are always Duck Games going on, with lower ranking drakes avoiding the higher ranking drakes. No real fighting, just a kerfuffle of nipping, grabbing a wing and hanging on whilst the grabbed drake runs away,, that sort of thing. (Those drake scuffles are less distressing to me than the drakes ganging up on a duck to mount her.)

    In your situation, it sounds like Miles is Head Drake. :D

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