~The Adventures of 77Chickens!~

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    Title: ~The Adventures of 77Chickens!~
    (Thanks to Coretta for the title idea!)

    ~*~*~*~This is an ongoing story about the daily adventures of my three flocks of chickens. You see, there are 3 chicken coops at my dad's house. One for one flock, another one for the other flock, and the third one is an extra coop. At my mom's house is where the third flock lives. But for these next two upcoming weeks, that third flock is temporarily staying in the third extra coop.
    Over time, I've noticed that the two main flocks have created their own little system; the pecking order. It's as if the two flocks are each a "gang" or "clan". If they cross paths, there is usually always trouble. When free ranging, they stay apart their separate ways. Within each gang is another system between each group member. And so it's interesting to see them interact and create this "pecking order"...Sometimes it changes, such as when new members are added to a gang or if there's conflict for a position in the flock between certain members.
    I call them "gangs" because, really, that's what they are! Two separate flocks, they're both enemies with each other...The Red Gang is the most violent and dangerous one, since Red Stars and Rhode Island Reds have been known to be quite unfriendly and bossy towards outsiders. The Mixed Gang is mostly unwelcoming to any outsiders and they mainly fear the Red Gang because if they ever cross paths, they will get into little squabbles and fights but usually the Red Gang wins. And we've discovered that it's best to keep the leaders of each gang (Marty, a Rhode Island Red rooster and Foghorn, a Splash Cochin rooster) FAR AWAY from each other because they have been known to start violent fights between each other if they cross paths. [​IMG]

    And now, Ivory and his small group are in the middle of these two gangs of chickens. That, I'm afraid, does not make a good combination...Now BOTH gangs are going against Ivory and his flock. Although the three younger chicks are quite the little fighters! [​IMG] One time a broody hen from the Mixed Gang came along and decided to peck May, who is actually the broody hen's sister but is not part of her group, on the head. May would not have any of that! As small as she was compared to her big sister, Oreo, she chest-bumped her, pecked her on the beak and ran off before Oreo could attack her. [​IMG] And since Oreo has a group of her own chicks, who are younger than the three chicks in Ivory's group, the three older chicks will sometimes go over to the Mixed Gang and boss the younger ones around.

    All of this disagreement between the groups is exactly why we always have to try and keep them apart! [​IMG]

    And so, this is a story about each flock and how they interact with each other everyday. Hope you like it and check back every once in a while for more stories about the chicken gangs! [​IMG]


    The Red Gang
    Description: The most violent, dangerous chicken gang on the farm...Has been known to start nasty fights and arguments between their main enemy, the Mixed Gang. Consists of 5 Red Star hens and 2 roosters.
    Current Location: The Coal Shed Chicken Coop

    Gang Members:
    Marty: The leading rooster of the gang, and one of the most vicious roosters on the farm. Has been known to cause many fights between other gang members in the Mixed Gang and is the oldest chicken on the farm (3 years old). [​IMG]

    Juno: The 2nd rooster on the farm. One of the lowest chickens in the pecking order because, although Marty tolerates the young rooster in his flock, he does not allow him much freedom, such as leading the hens around while free ranging and he's always the last to eat. One of the friendlier roosters on the farm but has been known to harass the other hens in other groups, such as the Mixed Gang. [​IMG]

    Cinnamon: One of the top hens in the gang. Always the first to eat, and is bossy of the hens in the lower part of the pecking order, such as Suzy. Has been known to start nasty fights between other hens in the Mixed Gang. [​IMG]

    Penny: Another one of the top hens in the gang...Is the most outgoing in the group and has been seen hanging out occasionally with the Mixed Gang. She says she is still a solid member of the Red Gang, but will her loyalty to her gang continue to last or will she keep straying from her gang to free range with the Mixed Gang? Her suspicious actions might cost her her place in the pecking order in her own gang. (no picture)

    Abby: Not as high in the pecking order, because of her shyness and slight friendliness, but silently holds her position in the gang. Hasn't been known to start many fights between other groups, such as the Mixed Gang. (no picture)

    Linda: One of the lower hens in the gang because of her extreme shyness and weakness, due to a past respiratory issue that she's still recovering from...Greatly fears the leader of the Mixed Gang, Foghorn. (no picture)

    Suzy: The youngest hen in the gang, and is one of the most outgoing/curious, besides Penny. Is usually one of the last hens to eat, and mostly gets bossed by Cinnamon. (no picture)

    Group Picture:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    The Mixed Gang
    Description: The main enemy of the Red Gang, though not as aggressive and violent...Has been known to be more accepting of outsiders, mostly because of all the baby chicks hatched within the gang from broody hens. This gang has the most variety of chicken breeds, and is overall a fairly non-violent gang compared to the Red Gang, though the most deaths have occurred in this gang due to illness and/or unknown causes. It consists of one lead rooster, 4 adult hens and 5 younger chicks. It's a much larger group than the Red Gang.
    Current Location: The Garage Coop
    Gang Members:
    Foghorn: The lead rooster of the Mixed Gang, and is a Splash Cochin. He is very talkative and loud, always letting his gang know of any dangers, such as a tresspassing member from the Red Gang or a possible predator threat. Has been known to cause many fights with Marty in the Red Gang, and his other main enemy is Juno, from the Red Gang. He has occasionally caught Juno harassing the hens in his flock, especially Setherina, and so now you can expect a fight to break out whenever their paths...But it's obvious that Juno tries his best to stay out of Foghorn's way. [​IMG]

    Setherina: The top hen in the group, and Foghorn's favorite hen. She is a Buff Orpington and is always by his side when free ranging, and she greatly fears the younger rooster from the Red Gang, Juno. She has gone broody a couple times in the past and in her lifetime so far she has hatched out 3 chicks, and they are Juno, Suzy, and Peanut. She was a foster mother to Juno and Suzy, but they belonged to the Red Star gang and as soon as they were old enough, they switched sides and have been enemies ever since. She's expected to go broody again sometime this year before Summer is over. [​IMG]

    Oreo: A year-old Splash Cochin/Black Ameraucana hen, who is one of the top hens and is currently raising the group of 5 baby chicks. Is a very vicious and aggressive hen when it comes to her chicks, and even most of the roosters respect her space because she will attack anyone and anything that goes near her chicks. The only chicken she actually fears when it comes to her chicks is Cinnamon the Red Star, Marty, and Juno. But even then she will always protect her chicks. She mostly strays away from the mixed Gang to forage with her chicks, but always remains loyal to her group. [​IMG]

    Raven: Is a black Ameraucana and is known as the "craziest" of the chickens in the flock. Is generally a quiet, calm chicken but has been caught smuggling treats such as earthworms that she stashes away under old logs. She's been known to cause fights with Suzy, who is her main enemy from the Red Gang. She fears the other red Star hens. She also recently mysteriously lost her whole tail when she disappeared for a day and came back as if nothing happened. Her fellow gang members wonder if it was her kooky personality and curiosity that got her into the trouble that caused her to lose her tail. [​IMG]

    Peanut: A friendly, calm Buff Orpington/Splash Cochin young hen who grew up with Suzy, up until she switched to the Red Gang. Now, they are trouble-causing enemies who will get into fights and arguments if their paths cross. Has been known to wander off from the Mixed Gang and her group members often wonder where she goes...She claims that she just goes on occasional, solo foraging adventures, but her group members wonder if she has been thinking about joining the Red Gang and in return her loyalty to her gang has been questioned. (no picture)

    5 younger chicks: The next generation of chickens, from Raven and Foghorn, in the Mixed Gang. They're being raised by Oreo, who is their foster mother/older sister. The gang has high hopes for this group of chicks, and a few roosters are suspected to be in the group, so they will need to be sold to good homes as they get older. This will prevent any problems with having too many roosters in the flock. [​IMG]

    Group Picture:

    The New Gang
    Description: Being the smallest and newest of the two main gangs, this gang of chickens is the lowest in the pecking order between the gangs. It's the most least violent, friendly gang around. It consists of a young rooster, a Bantam hen, and three 2-month old chicks. This gang doesn't originally live nearby the two main gangs, but for the next two upcoming weeks they will need to learn to stay clear of any trouble as they live in the third extra coop within the territory of the Red Gang and Mixed Gang. But although this group of chickens doesn't originally live nearby the two main gangs, they have family connections between each other. The New Gang originated from the Mixed Gang, before they all set off to form their own gang. They never realized they would someday meet their past gang members from the Mixed Gang once again...Not only that, but they also never knew they would also be enemies.[/b]
    Current Location: The Extra Doghouse Chicken Coop
    Gang Members:
    Ivory: The leader of the New Gang, and also the youngest rooster of the three gangs, and also the friendliest and most innocent. The only fights he has caused was between the broody hen from the Mixed Gang, Oreo, and she started it first from being overprotective of her chicks...He was born as an only child in an incubator and was a runt all his life, and was a house chicken for the first 3 months of his life. It's suspected that this is where his friendly behavior comes from. He then set out to fulfill hi destiny of being a real rooster, of having his own flock, and living within his own territory and with his own coop. That is when he became the leader of three young chicks and their foster mother, Pumpkin. And now, as he slowly becomes a true flock leader, he must protect himself-and his small gang-from the two main flocks for the next two weeks. Also, he has family connections to the Mixed Gang. His mother, a Buff Orpington and sister of the 2nd Buff Orpington, Setherina, in that gang, died shortly after he hatched. His father, the Splash Cochin rooster, Foghorn, is the leader of the Mixed Gang. And Peanut is his stepsister, from the Mixed Gang. But although he has quite a few family connections, his gang and the Mixed Gang still remain enemies of each other...His greatest fears are of all the gang members of the Red Gang and the Mixed Gang because of their aggressive nature towards newcomers. [​IMG]

    Pumpkin: A 2-year old (about) Buff Cochin Bantam hen. She's the top hen in the small group, and the oldest chicken in the gang, she originally lived in the Mixed Gang for over a year. That is, until she hatched out three chicks of her own last Spring. The three chicks, hoped to be all hens, were destined to live with Ivory as his flock members. But in order to do that, and not separate the chicks from their foster mother, Pumpkin was moved-along with the three chicks-to live with Ivory, the leader of the New Gang. Now, her once fellow friendly group members from the Mixed Gang, mostly Raven, Oreo and Peanut, have turned against her. But she must start getting along as soon as possible because now that her three chicks are old enough to be on their own, she is destined to be placed back in the Mixed Gang. Will her past group members become more welcoming to her and let her be back in the gang, after she abandoned her position, or will they reject her and never let her join again? [​IMG]

    Hope: Is a 2-month old pullet, and the least adventurous of the gang...She, along with her sisters, have family connections with the Mixed Gang because her father is Foghorn, the gang leader, and her mother is Raven, a black Ameraucana hen from the Mixed Gang. As a chick, she almost died when she fell out of the nest and was left, unnoticed, on the coop floor. But, almost like miracle, the humans found her and brought her back to life after she had been so close to death. Pumpkin is her foster mother and as she becomes a more mature pullet, her dependence on Pumpkin decreases and she and her sisters are slowly beginning to follow each other and their leader, Ivory, more and more everyday. [​IMG] (picture is not up-to-date!)

    May: Is a 2-month old pullet, and is the most adventurous, outgoing, and most mature of the gang. She has the same family connections with the Mixed Gang as Hope and Jasmine do. She has some dislike towards her oldest sister (ad broody hen in the Mixed Gang), Oreo, and her chicks. All three of them, Hope, May, and Jasmine, dislike their fellow younger sisters, who are being cared for by Oreo. May has even started small fights between some of the chicks and Oreo, and she is already becoming the lead hen in the gang as she puts her two sisters in their place to show them that she is destined to be the lead hen. But as they all mature, will any of them stand up to her to try and take her place as they establish their own pecking order? (no picture!)

    Jasmine: Is the youngest and smallest of the group, younger than her two sisters by a couple days...She also has the same family connections to the Mixed Gang as Hope and May. She is the most dependent on her foster mother, Pumpkin, and the least matured one of the gang. But slowly she is beginning to figure out her position in the pecking order between her two sisters in the New Gang. Will she accept her position a the lowest in the pecking order, or will she compete with her two sisters to gain a higher position? [​IMG] (picture is not up-to-date!)

    Group Picture:
    So, that's the three profiles of the three gangs of chickens...This is just the start of all the stories, to give you all the background information on each flock. I will start to add stories (hopefully almost everyday) soon, and I hope everyone likes them! All these stories are true, according to all the adventures and events that happen within and between each flock. [​IMG]
    Here's a diagram picture that I made to help better explain the surroundings/setting of the story. It shows where each coop is in real life and everything, so when I say, for example, that the New Gang is in the dog kennel, you'll have a better idea where exactly that is. [​IMG]

    Check back often for more stories! [​IMG]

    The Spontaneous Pullet! [​IMG]
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    LOL I am glad I am not the only one dealing with gang wars!! [​IMG] [​IMG] I am going through a similar situation haha, I hope the new chicks grow up and kick some RIR butt! At least hope they don't get bullied lol. [​IMG]
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    This would be the chicken psychology and the chicken soap opera of the day!

    Can not wait to see "77Chicken's Soap Opera"!
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    Wow 77horses! Great Thread! I'm subscribing! I'm thinking about doing something like this, too! Can't wait for more stories! [​IMG]
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    Mrs. Fluffy Puffy :

    Wow 77horses! Great Thread! I'm subscribing! I'm thinking about doing something like this, too! Can't wait for more stories! [​IMG]

    Haha thanks! [​IMG] I'll be adding the first story either tonight or sometime tomorrow, depending on what those little trouble-making gangs do today. [​IMG]
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    Subscribing [​IMG] Can't wait for more about your 'gangs'. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Thanks! [​IMG]
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    i subscribed!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Story #1: After the Storm
    After the drama and wetness of last night's big thunderstorm, which involved poor Ivory getting miserably wet and all three gangs running for cover in their coops, each gang came back outside for the days' foraging. Because of the rain, the ground has turned soft and moist, and that means plenty of earthworms for the gangs to find (especially for Raven, who is a true worm-a-holic from the Mixed Gang). But the peace didn't last long as it became apparent that it wouldn't be too easy to keep the Red Gang's violence from harming the innocent New Gang. As the three gangs were foraging (The Red Gang behind the house near the woods, the New Gang near the caged-in dog kennel, and the Mixed Gang out front of the house near the woods on the side of the house), the Red Gang decided to cause a big scene with the New Gang. While Pumpkin and her three chicks were foraging in the safety of the dog kennel, Ivory wandered a little too close to the Red Gang's foraging grounds. The Red Gang ambushed poor Ivory in a corner while he was eating grass. Fortunately, Ivory's owner heard to commotion and the "Chicken Police" rescued Ivory from the violent Red Gang. All the while, the Mixed Gang was foraging quietly on the other side of the yard. They decided they didn't want to get involved in the fight and cause more trouble with the Red Gang.
    After the fight, the New Gang was placed securely within the dog kennel near their coop, and the Red Gang foraged carelessly and freely around the back of the house, with Marty and Cinnamon leading the gang and Juno in the back with Linda and Suzy.
    In the Mixed Gang, their faithful lead hen, Setherina has officially gone broody. She has been spending most of her time in the coop in her nest box, sitting on 4 eggs; one egg from herself, two blue eggs from Raven, and a brown egg from Penny the Red Star (from the Red Gang).
    Hopefully, no more violence continues throughout the day between the three chicken gangs.

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