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The adventures of Barbara (BR)

Discussion in 'Pictures & Stories of My Chickens' started by MrsChickendad, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. MrsChickendad

    MrsChickendad Songster

    Jun 18, 2008
    Lennon, Michigan
    Yesterday, Barbara felt a strange urge. She went back into the coop and found Wendy Wyandotte in HER nest box! "Well," thought Barbara, "I must squash this intruder! I do not care that there are nine empty nests. I will teach Wendy a lesson!"


    Today Barbara felt no such urges. She decided to visit the Ameraucana sisters who have been in jail until their probation is up. Barbara practiced her tightrope walking while the Ameraucana sisters squawked and flapped in the pen below. She walked the entire perimeter of the jail so those girls will know who is in charge. What will Barbara think of next???


  2. easttxchick

    easttxchick Lone Star Call Ducks

    Aug 3, 2009
    [​IMG] Barbara is a hoot! Gotta love those Barred Rocks-such personality!
  3. speckledhen

    speckledhen Intentional Solitude Premium Member

    Love Barbara! I just have to name one of my BRs Barbara--such personality! Love the pics, too.
  4. Darlasmum

    Darlasmum Songster

    Aug 2, 2009
    La Crescenta, CA
  5. That's funny!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. Bantimna

    Bantimna Songster

    Sep 29, 2009
    South Africa
    Oh my [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] please write more!
  7. MrsChickendad

    MrsChickendad Songster

    Jun 18, 2008
    Lennon, Michigan
    All this activity was making Barbara "peckish". The food people had conveniently left the gate to the deck open, so Barbara strolled up on the deck and found her heart's delight—a large pot of flowers; petunias in particular. They were so yummy! Barbara sat in the middle of the pot and ate all around herself. It was very satisfying.


    She strutted off to harass the Ameraucana sisters.

  8. speckledhen

    speckledhen Intentional Solitude Premium Member

    Go, Barbara!! [​IMG]
  9. Criskin

    Criskin Lost somewhere in a book

    Barbara is so cute! I can't wait for her next adventure! It is funny, I've also noticed that my BR are much more mischievous than the rest.
  10. briana1975

    briana1975 Songster

    Feb 23, 2009
    Carleton Mi.
    Cute posts.

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