The Adventures of Gertrude

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    Jul 23, 2014
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    Yesterday my friend Becky came over with a bushel of apples. We spent the morning peeling and coreing the apples. When we were done with that chore I took the bucket of apple scraps out and dumped them in the yard near the coop. When I let the girls out they made a beeline for the scraps! Those apples didn't stand a chance!
    Back in the house we were making and canning applesauce , apple butter and apple cider. While up to our elbows in canning chores there was a loud commotion in my kitchen window! Expecting to see the cats instead I found a very vocal Gertrude ! kitchen window is on the front of the house, the girls are kept in the large fenced in backyard! Yep, she's in trouble! But I don't think she cared, she just wanted more apples!
    Got any more apples?[​IMG]
    Hello? Anybody home?[​IMG]
    I know you're in there![​IMG]
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    Dec 12, 2013
    Too cute! Chickens musts be marter than some people think they else did she know which window to go to? Great pictures!
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    Too funny. Gertrude was on a mission to get more apples.
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    Awwwww. Gertrude is precious. Love your captions too! [​IMG]

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