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The All About Chickens Series - Breed 3 - Buff Orpington

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by Jetblack2004, Mar 23, 2017.

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    Hi BYC! This is my third chicken breed information page and it will be all about the Buff Orpington. From the size of the egg, to the use of the bird you're bound to find the information you're looking for!
    Credit to speckledhen for this gorgeous Buff Sussex hen picture!​

    What is the colouring of a Buff Orpington? - The Buff Orpington is golden-yellow and has short, rounded tail feathers.

    What is the Buff Orpington egg colour and size? - The egg colour is brown and large in size.

    How many eggs does a Buff Orpington lay in a year? - With this breed the number of eggs varies greatly. Some lay about 180 a year while others lay about 280.

    What is the use of a Buff Orpington? - The Buff Orpington is a dual purpose bird, meaning it is used for both meat and eggs.

    What is the colouring of a Buff Orpington chick? - Orange. They grow golden feathers as they get older.

    How much does a full grown Buff Orpington weigh? - Cockerels weigh about 4.5kg and hens weigh about 3.5kg.

    Where does the Buff Orpington originate? - The Buff Orpington originates in Kent, England.

    What age does a Buff Orpington reach maturity? - A Buff Orpington reaches maturity at around the age of 20 weeks.

    What is the temperament of a Buff Orpington? - Buff Orpingtons are gentle, friendly and good around children.

    Are the hens likely to go broody? - Very. They make excellent mothers.

    I hope this page was useful to you!
    Keep watch for the next chicken breed information page- It will be about the Silver-laced wyandotte.
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