The always broody hen

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    I have a notoriously broody hen, on and off every 60 days. I normally just let her be and she would break herself, but this time I just wanted her to be happy. I put 20 eggs under her, and when another hen went broody, I changed it so they each had 10. Out of 20, 2 hatching chicks were killed by the ducks, and 3 hatched. They decided to raise their babies together and were so cute. Now, the babies are 12 weeks old, and as big as their mamas. The one hen is pretty much done, and check on them every once in a while.

    The notoriously broody hen is still loving being a mama and has decided to stay like that forever (I hope)!

    She is the one on the far right, soaking up the sun with her babies.
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    Sweet family pic. She is a good momma bird.

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