the American Bantam Assoc NATIONAL SHOW is coming to Massachusetts !!!

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    Hello Back Yard Chicken Forum People !

    I am writing to tell you that even though fall is winding down the biggest and bestest is yet to come. Poultry Show that is of Course !!

    Yes its been one of the best poultry show years ever. As of this writing Columbus is yet to come. That will certainly be a great show.

    I dont check in often to this forum, so I am wondering if readers who do not subscribe to the Poultry Press know or realize the the American Bantam Association has one big whopper of a show each year. It is called a "National". The National is the most prestigious of shows. To win one is equal to winning the Westminster. Poultry hobbyest travel from far and wide to attend. As a result Nationals tend to be very large and interesting shows.

    The American Bantam National is coming to New England for the first time ever ! Massachusetts in fact ! The hosting club is the Northeastern Poultry Congress. The dates are January 16-17th 2010 ( Martin Luther King Weekend ). The location of the show is the Big E Fairgrounds in West Springfield MA. We have found that January is the PERFECT time of year for this show as everyone has had it with the holidays and is just dying to talk chickens.

    There is something for everyone interested in Fowl at the Congress Show. There is great compition ( and awards ) for the hard core. There are tons of Jr activitys. There is a lecture series ( all offered at no charge ) there are show hall tours, Top Judges, an ABA general meeting ( open to the public ) Many National Breed Clubs, vendors, Bird Raffles, egg raffles, and for the folks staying with us at the host hotel a Sunset Social. AND it seems one of the things that readers to this forum seem to like SALE BIRDS !

    Oh yea and the American Bantam Assoc's top cheeses will be on hand to handle what ever questions you can think of. Also the ABA store will be dismantled and brought to the show. There is a great slection of books along with shirts, pins, mugs, patches, hats and some other stuff I cant even think of... Also you can sign up for membership and get one of the clubs best resources: the Year Book ( free when you become a member ). Karen Unrath is a super poultry person and she will be manning the ABA table at the ready for your questions as well.

    If you have never shown before this is your perfect event to do so. Number one you can say "I remember my first show; it was a NATIONAL !" Perhaps a better reason is that there will be tons of friendly people around to help you through your first show. Most first time people just need help with the little things, such as "where do I put my boxes ?" I assure you that the over whelming majority of exhibiors are friendly helpful people. The Northeastern Poultry Congress show is going to be a giant learning experience to anyone who is just getting started with poultry. We welcome new exhibitors ! There is an article on our web pages about what to expect at your first show. If your not tested you must do so NOW as time is already running short.

    One of the reasons I love a National is because I get to meet people I normally dont get a chance to talk to. Even though I have been around for a while I ALWAYS learn something from the old timmers who travel in from far away. And I always make it a point to ask them Lots of questions ! I am consistantly supprised how generious they are with info.

    Now I now I have told you this is a two day show. What some new to shows folks dont realize is that a two day show is rather a bad name. What it really is, is a 1.25 day show. The second day is mostly reserved for the final judging of the Champions, and the award ceromoney following. If your visiting I strongly advise you to come on Saturday Morning around 10 AM or earlyer. Coop in is 9am. The best choice of sale birds is generally happening around 10-11AM. There is NO Guarantee of what you will see at the sale area. Us seasoned people have seen it all at one time or another, but who knows what you will see. I do think that because this is a National there will be a better than usual great slection of birds at least early on Saturday. The Congress sales area is well attended and sells out quickly.

    To all visitors and new people I can promise you the most magnificent display of poultry you have ever seen. The all single tiered isles strech as far as you can see. Not only will we be deeply steeped in Bantams there will be Largefowl and Waterfowl as well. I guarantee you this is a show you will never forget.

    Admission is free. The Big E does charge for parking. But the Poultry Congress is admitting all for free. While you are at the show consider purchasing a visitors poultry packet. With in the packet are many helpful articles that are geared at the newish to chicken people. We will also be greatful for any visitor donations as a way to difer the big over head this show will incure this year.

    This is going to be a most exciting and fun show for both exhibitors and visitors. Its our hope that you will bring out your best and show with us, but if you cant please consider visiting !

    As I mentioned earlyer I am not a forum regular. I will not be back to answer your questions. I will be asking one of our Northeastern Poultry Congress members who is a BackYard Chickens Fourm person to over see any of your questions. I am pretty sure most of your questions can be answered by surfing on over to our web pages. You will find much more info there as well as a complete Show Catalog. Entrys Close early so be advised of that (December 21st ) I will not be able to accomadate the Late this year as I will be just too busy !

    Hope you can make it to the Biggest and most Prestigious Poultry Show in New England's History !!
    - Cheryl Barnaba
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    What is your website? Hard to surf over to it if we don't know what it is.
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    Ah, Cheryl is a busy little beaver these days with the show of a lifetime coming up, so excuse her if she forgets a few things.
    The website is

    will be there to make sure Cheryl doesn't explode.

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    Thank you Bob, not sure if I will attend or not. That's along ways from Indiana and January between here and there can be very bad. I will check it out however and add it to my calander on my website for people to check it out.
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    We are going for sure, hotel is already booked and Sarah has her line up and they are getting all the extra special TLC to keep them in condition [​IMG] Going to be a great show for sure... Hope to meet more of you guys there....
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    I can go to this one , its close and no need for a hotel [​IMG]
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    I will be there, i was there last one, and i loved it, it was huge Lots of breeds. [​IMG]

    They had photo graphers there, it was awsome, one photograpger picked my showgirl roo to be in her book, hmm cant wait for that to come out.
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