the art of repartee


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Aug 30, 2011
hi AllI think you might enjoy these 3 classic and unforgettable exaples of repartee
Many times, in conversations , a repartee is delivered with a stunning impact that cannot be matched. - but rarely do they stand the test of time.
Here are3 that do
The 1st two involve Winston Churchill(WC) and Lady Astor(LA), , who were well-known for their mutual dislike in the 1930's

1 At a party WC has overindulged in "liquid refreshment"
LA "SIR, you're drunk"
WC "yes, MADAM, and you are ugly but at least I'll be sober in the

2 Same scenario WC is filling his plate at the buffet
LA "SIR, if you were my husband, I would poison you"
WC "MADAM, if you were my wife , I'd take it"

3 WM ,owner of the Inchnadamph hotel,, a highland gentleman, enters the lounge as a guest is trying to convince fellow guests - his Midge repellent IS BEST KILLING all midges which are notorious Scottish biting insects ~1mm in size

GUEST "Yes, my formula kills every midge"
WM it's not those you kill Mr X, that you need worry about
but you do have to worry about all those who come to the funeral to mourn"

And a final one of my own - a slightly balding friend was ribbing me about my acute baldness. I stopped his onslaught with the following reply :-
" I'm bald because my brains are so big, they're pushing my hair out by the roots - what's your problem?"

Hope you like them

Any more "killer" replies
alig aka dapper886

"I'd rather be fishing"


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Aug 1, 2010
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