The Babies are here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Willow's Meadow

9 Years
Apr 16, 2010
My chicks came today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!! They are ALL, every single one of them, is alive and healthy!!!!!!!!!!!
They gave us 1 extra buff orpington. We ordered 10 buff orpingtons and 6 brahmas(1 brahma roo).
I have been waiting sooooo long and there finally here!!! This morning we called the post office and they said they were there!!!! Then we quickly put the shavings in the brooder, turned the heat lamp on and left!

My knees were shaking the WHOLE time! I was sooooo excited! I could barely eat breakfast! We got there and then we had to wait for the post office to open(they wouldn't open early
)! The people there were so excited and other customers all looking
!!!!! The chicks were chirping soooooo loud! I think they were cold, but we raced home and put them in the brooder! They ate so much food and drank ALOT of water!!!!! I never knew one little chick could drink so much water!!! Then they all ran over to the thermometer and PECKED like crazy!!!! And then the played chase, running back and forth!! Then the pecked some more! Then they all just CRASHED! Every single one falling asleep, we turned the lights off(not the heat light, just the regular ones). Oh and we put a snow globe in there and turned it on(just for fun). But it actually made them all fall right asleep. They just fall over flat on the faces! Its so funny!
When we dipped the beaks in the water, the chicks were not scared of us, they were so calm and well behaved!

I was so worried yesterday when I heard the post office wasn't going to let us come pick them up(don't know why!!) and that they were going to deliver them! But we called and said, we MUST pick them up when they get there but......they were THERE!!!! I love them soooooooo much!!!!
They are the most beutiful things ever! I've haven't been this excited in a long time! I love my
! Thanks Cackle Hatchery!!!! Here are some pics:


Drowning in Chickens!
9 Years
Apr 30, 2010
Congrats on your new babies!!! I hope you enjoy them as much as i enjoy mine!!!

My post office lets me pic them up at the back door!!!

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