The babies are in the coop!


8 Years
Mar 28, 2011
My oldest chicks are 10-11 weeks old and in the coop for about a month now. I had 5 chicks with their ages 4/5 week to 8/9 weeks in the brooder in the basement. The brooder is an extra large wire dog kennel. Since the youngest are fairly feathered out, I decided for hubby to put the babies outside today in the coop. It won't be long before they grow out of the brooder. The older girls have spent the day outside(84 out there) and no shade. I brought the big girls inside for a while to cool off in the air conditioned house. They are good about staying in the kitchen.

I have no idea how long this will take. I'm scared to death about my Mille Fleur d'uccle due to the bantam size. The d'uccle is only 4.5 weeks old and tiny. I will keep the kennel as long as I need to. I need her big enough to defend herself if she needs to.

Does anyone know how long the integration process takes? The brooder is huge and takes up the big girls sleeping space. I hope this whole process goes smoothly.
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I just checked on them and the big girls are laying next to the kennel and the babies are asleep. What a big day for them.

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