The Belly Fat Cure


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Nov 14, 2007
My son directed me and his dad to this book. We started a week and half ago and have lost 10 lb. I am delighted of course. I am eating so well and not hungry at all. I feel like I have been detoxed. Anyone else read this book and trying this.
Wow...I'll have to check that out! I just got done reading the Detox Diet one...and I managed to cut out caffeine but I couldn't even gag down the nasty "smoothies" that I was supposed to. I also tried fasting for 2 days...ended up almost passing out, getting really dizzy and a major headache. I did drink a lot of water and I'm only drinking detox tea & water now (rather than milk, pop and coffee). Not one pound lost or gained. Sighs.
I cannot believe it . I am down another 1 1/2 pounds this morning. It is really a food plan. I don't use splenda anymore or any other articficial sweetners. No sugar. I ate cereal with blueberries yesterday morning. Had a Hebrew National hotdog weiner for snack. Ate at LaBamba for lunch and had a grilled chicken salad with Gualmole dip for dressing. Drank a 1/2 Sobe life water and 5 mission Tortilla chips with a little aboutTsp hummus for snack. Had a cup of yummy coleslaw I made with two Steak Tortilla wraps I made.

the key is keeping Sugar to 15 grams and under a day and Carb Servings to 6

It keeps your insulin levels low and steady and when they are not increased you will not store fat.
BTW the milk i use on my Esekiel or Uncle Sam Cerel is Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Milk 40 calorie unsweetened. I use Stevia to sweeten. I don't eat cereal every morning. I eat Eskeiel toast or High Fiber no sugar Tortilla wraps that are the small size with eggs Cheese and Bacon. I just had one for breakfast. couldn't eat two so will save the other for snack time. YOu will quit craving food.
Will check it out too.Mushrooms or greens in a egg wrap is good too. I like pickled cactus too. No idea what a labamba is,so going to look that one up. I just need to get 12 more pounds off to drop one of my meds,so I will go order this book and give it a try.

What is your total carb intake? Dh tries to watch that one due to diabetes.I just count calories.
I know I need to quit drinking all the soda but I'm so addicted
, and it's diet soda too! Is there a rehab or soda addiction annoymous group somewhere
I can join? I need a support
Sorry La Bamba is local chain of Mexican Resturants.
I don't take in more than six servings of Carbs which I think is about 120 grams. and no more than 15 grams of Sugar. I can't tell you how much better I feel. Getting that Splenda and other artificial sweetners out of my system. I was doing a low carb diet anyway but was at such a standstill. I started this and lost 8 lb the first week. According to the author you will not plateau if you are not taking in more of the Sugar /Carbs than nessecary. This has been the easiest thing I have ever done. I never eat all the Sugars. I do eat the carbs trying to get the fiber in. After I read the book I never want to eat sugar again. I am totally not craving food and can't and don't eat all I fix to eat. That is a change. I do reccomend reading the book.
We just had a new Publix open today and they had lots of the items I look for so didn't have to run from store to store. I do try and keep it simple. Sobe water is my friend though

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