The best and easiest way to fix angel wing (Video)

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    I know from time to time some people have had to deal with this inconvinence. I also wish I was more "tech savvy". Anyway, I just wanted to share that if you google this on your computer. " duck rescue network-view topic-angel wing" Now look at the bottom of the page in highlighted blue link http phillips network,,,,! CLICK IT A man shows how to fix it by using a dead chicken wing. I personally feel this video shows you the best and easiest way to do it with no head ache, slipping and any of the other problems associated with the old body wrapping technique holds. .Angelwing is always curable in first year birds if you catch it quick. I am going to attempt this simpler technique myself for the first time with an adult bird just to see the results. I may have to leave it on longer or it may not even work. But as most of you know I have nothing to lose . I will keep you all posted. I will post before, during, and after pics of the bird. It is a cuban treeduck I have had for a while now. I was given the bird because It was not wanted and would have been put down. Regardless of what happens with my adult. The technique shown in this video would still be the way to go to deal with with the problem.
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    Thanks! I watched it and have to try that with one of my geese. He's started showing TWT or Angel Wing, (not sure) last year and now again as his feathers are growing back in. Not sure if we can get him to leave it on though...Very good video explanation and demo.
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    Here is the link, as Destin said, good video explaining angel wing.

    I thought this was a good video explaining how angel wing happens and what is going on with the bones. But after talking to a buddy and figuring out that we had both tried this type of wrap with no success on ducks then I decided to add my own experiences fixing angel wing. I may raise my ducks a little differently than others in that they do not stay in the brooder very long. When the ducklings start to show the first bit of feathering or 3-4 weeks go by then my birds are put outside (only if weather is hot, no rain forecast for 3 days) with no heat source other than the summer weather and only a slight bit of shelter. It works well for me in North Alabama but maybe not so much for someone in Michigan. So, by the time my birds are old enough to develop angel wing they are already out of the brooder, waterproof and on water. This wrap does NOT hold up well in the water with my birds and basically comes off the first day. I prefer to use 3/4" to 1" wide duct tape which holds extremely well in water and the birds do not pull it off in the first hour. I leave it on for about a week and then take it off and 99% of the time the problem is solved. Yes, the ducklings lose some feathers when you pull the tape off but i normally cut it into sections for removal so that it doesnt affect them too badly. Besides, as soon as they start getting their adult feathers in the fall then they will molt out the broken ones anyway.
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