The best dream I ever had!!


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Jan 19, 2009
South Jersey
I just had the best dream ever last night. I wish it would come true!! Any way, here it is:
It was Easter morning and my whole family went down stairs. Sitting on the table were the two baskets that my mom and dad fill up for my brother and I. They asked us the night before what we wanted it our baskets(like they always do) and my brother answered candy(like he always does) and I answered Easter chicks. Well, my dad got them when he was a kid and he was upset when he had to give them away when they got to big(he lived in the city, so he couldn't really fit a coop into his yard) and he told me that and he said no. Any way, my brother got the candy he wanted and in my basket was a box with holes in it, and another box without holes in it. I opened the one without the holes, and in it was ten chicken eggs!! Then, I opened the one with holes in it and there were ten live chicks in it!!! I was so happy!!!!! Well, I gave my presents to my parents, and my brother, and my brother did the same thing. Well, my parents gave us both an envelope. In my brother's was a card with five dollars, like usual. In mine, there was a sticky note that said go into the back yard. I went out, and a brand new coop was there!(It wasn't there the night before, which is weird, 'cause who can build a coop in the middle of the night?) I ran to the coop and opened it. In side, there was an incubator(for the eggs and the chicks) and five grown, egg laying hens!! It was the best Easter ever!!
I wish it would come true, or even just a little of it. I just want three or four hens. The story about my dad getting chicks was true, because he told me it today when I asked him about it. It was AWESOME!!!


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Mar 19, 2007
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I hope your dream comes true for you! When I first wanted chickens, I dreamed there was a knock on my front door and when I opened the door 3 little chicks were standing on my doormat!

The next day I got an e-mail saying my birds were going to arrive in 3 days! Keep wishing & hoping!

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