the best food for a mixed flock?

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    hey guys i have 5 ducks and 4 chickens that live together. i feed them purina layena. should i get other types of things to mix in with that food? i have a drake and a rooster in with them also.... the eggs haven't been "up to par" any help?
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    We like Purina Flockraiser...but we don't have ducks. If your birds are molting, their egglaying will drop off for awhile. Ours are molting something fierce.
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    I feed my mixed age/species flock gamebird feed and put oyster shell out free choice so the layers can meet their calcium needs. Lots of people use flockraiser or grower the same way, just depends what you can get and at what price in your area. The gamebird has worked great for me (chickens, turkeys, ducks, and one lonely peachick) and I haven't had any (other then the occasional pullet mis-fire) problems with eggs. The trick is to be sure to put oyster shell out, because the gamebird/flockraiser/grower etc. doesn't have enough calcium in it for laying hens.

    ETA: X2 about the drop in production when hens are molting.
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