The Best Hatch Rate I Will Ever Get....

Silkie Nut

7 Years
Feb 15, 2012
Central Florida
Olivia, my cochin bantam hen, went broody a few weeks ago. I figured we could let her sit on some eggs just for the fun of it. Since I don't have a full grown rooster, I got some eggs from a friend. I actually gave her my rooster, Pebbles, when he turned out to be a boy. So, anyways I went and talked to her, and ended up with 4 pebbles eggs! Well today, Saturday the 19th, Two eggs hatched this morning. I had to go out and do errands after that, and when i came home around six, All of her babies had hatched. I was so excited! I rewarded my little hen with praises and treats. She loves her babies. Well....funny story...I traded A little roo I had for two sebright pullet chicks of right now I have 12 chickens....Luckily my family and I plan on moving to a place with 1-2 acres. My babies will get to free range all day! lol....i love chickens!

Awesome job she did!
Mama hens will always do a better job than Mama Styrofoam! If your Sebright chicks are small enough, you can sneak them in under that hen at night and she may adopt them.

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