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    [disclaimer lol] Well this is my opinion and cannot be deemed as accurate. Only from my trials and errors, this is the conclusion I've come to so far when it comes to hatching game-bird eggs.

    I've incubated several types of birds and give my assessment on which hatches the best.

    Rank Fowl Hatch Rate Comment

    #1 Quail 70-90% Always hatch well
    #2 Chukar 40-60% Decent hatches, the more spotted eggs hatches best
    #3 Guinea 50% durable when temperature fluctuates, too many weaklings that eventually die
    #4 Turkey 20-40% durable when temperature fluctuates but tend to be under developed
    #5 pheasant 1-10% Terrible fertility rate and are very sensitive to changes

    It is somewhat bias since I haven't tried every type. Plus there are variables like stock, seller, season etc.

    What is your IMO?
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    wish I lived on my farm... I would love to try some pheasants
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    Quote:Pheasants were the main reason I got into this but haven't did well at all with them [​IMG]
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