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    Feb 5, 2011
    well we just found out my mom got acceoted to be on diability for her knees! she always had problems with her knees dislocatiing and when she was in her 20s seh got into a car accedent and her knees had to be cut out of the cars dash board and has had even worse knee problems shes now in her late 50s and just applied for disability becuase the last time her knee dislocated just from her bending down she had to go to the ER for them to pop it back in and it had been severly torn the doctors were amazed she had worked for as many years as she had becuase apperantly the tissues around her knee caps were basically disintegrated which is why she had the troubles in the first place (of which it seems she has passed on to me as i am unable to sit cross legged or my left knee will dislocate)
    anyhow whats so great about her getting on disability?

    let me jsut say that my sister is thee most selfish person youll EVER EVER meet also the biggest drama queen she is soo jelous that i have BP thhat she is trying to lie to the doc so she too can be labeld as havign BP disorder so all her freinds will say "oh no poor you"
    when i had a miscarrage and wanted to be alone for a few days she screamed at me for being so selfish and stupid then 2 day later she went to my mom and me to bawl that she had a miscarage and she was certian it was twins (even though seh says she was only 2 months along) not to mention she wasnt seeing anyone at the time and ever since that every bf she has abotu a week into the relationship she scares them away by crying to them and everyone she knows that shes suddenly had a miscarrage.
    every time she has a cold or anything she insists on being rushed to the emergency room shes always being sent home from work becuase she will lie on the floor claiming she has just passed out or shes paralyzed or cant breathe or some other dumb made up thing.
    shes dirty and refuses to do ANYTHING at home shes 27 years old and has never even done her own luandry,cooked her own meals,cleaned her own room,changed her own pillow case or bedsheet, or pick up after herself.
    then she tells everyone how lazy em and my mom are and how she does everything and we steal her money.
    sadley seh has a son whom she ignores 100 percent i cant rember the last time she talked ot im and wa not screaming at him.
    of coarse theres way more to this story but i would be rattling on all day long talking about her
    but now shes leaving to go live with ehr boyfreind some 2 hours away!!!! shes also leaving her son for us to raise which is perfectly fine by both me and my mom hes much better off with us anyways

    her evil cat will be gone she will be gone ill never ever have to listen to her complain about how its me and mom dragging her down well we will jsut see how well seh does on her own when we are not there to do her laundry or cook for her cause he bf certiantly wont do it for her hes a neat freak and he told her seeing as hwo she quite her job so he can support her (which he was very very very pe'od about) tat if she is goign to stay home all day shes goign to take care fo the house [​IMG] [​IMG]
    nope her evil cat is going to be peeing every where and she will not touch it seh never does shes never even cleaned the litter box since she got the cat 7 months ago she made her son do it which me and my mom didnt know about untill he jsut told us last month that he was tierd of it.

    we will never again be late with the bills becuase she needs a new curling iron for her boy short hair that she cant curl anyways never again will i have to pay her half of the rent becuase "its my money i worked my butt off for it so i deserve to do whatever i want with it including buying a new cell phone" 9shes buys a new cell phone litterly every 5 months NOT kidding
    never again will i have to pay for her evil cat to eat becuase she thinks "well its fine to go hungry for a few days i need to eat at the chinese resturant"
    never again will i have here he call me and my mom "worthless pieces [email protected]^#%@$!% who ruin my life"
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]:celebrate
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    [​IMG] So glad your life is drastically improving. Nothing more satisfying than getting the freeloaders out. [​IMG]
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    Realize that the scenario you posted about your sister makes it sound like living wth the BF is unlikely to last long at all. So, you and your mother need to make plans for how to deal with it when she comes crawling home.

    First, make sure that she signs guardianship papers for her son so that you and/or your mother can enroll him in school, take him to the doctor, etc. It will also go a ways towards getting custody should that ever come up (giving y'all custody is even better than guardianship, but probably less likely to be something your sster will sign off on). Do the same thing for the cat (so you can take it to the vet if needed). This essentially gives you ownership of the cat. It's really not necessary, but by combining both it will probably slide right by your sister.

    Second, decide what conditions your sister will HAVE to meet to move back home (if you even let her). Prepare a formal written contract detailing rent (including due dates), utilities and any chores that are required of her. Do not let her move in until it is signed, preferably notorized. Make sure to record all payments received: amount, form of payment, date. If cash, make a deposit for the exact amount received immediately (for records). If you need the cash, withdraw it later, or write a check for the amount needed. Just make sure to make a deposit for every payment received.

    Maybe your sister did have a miscarriage, and maybe she didn't. Better to show concern or sympathy when she brings it up, then change the subject than to deny it to her face. You can say something very innoculous such as "a miscarriage is a very emotional experience, and it can take people a long time to get over the pain" or "it's really sad to lose a baby." THat way you are not saying that you believe she had a miscarriage, but you are also not saying that she did not. And you are acknowleging the pain of loss.
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    Feb 5, 2011
    yeh i really HOPE my mom will not allow her to move back in though i wont count on it if my mom DOES allow her to move back in for ANY reason im letting her know that im moveing out and not going to help her anymore i cant deal with my sister anymore
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    Enjoy the freedom,but change the locks. I have found types like your sister always come back sooner(rather than later) for more handouts,and despite the hardline talk *mom* always gives in to the child. I am watching it play out in my own family and am praying the moms do the right thing for the grown kids.

    Glad your mom got disability.My friend got it for her COPD but I don't understand the system where she still has to pay for over $200 in meds all by herself each month.Food,bills,or meds. They system is wacky!
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    Actually you need to call CPS as soon as your sister leaves. You need to report that your sister abandoned her son. That way CPS will know whats really going on. It's possible that CPS will take your nephew into protective custody for a few days, but you should be able to gain legal court ordered custody. You're sister then can't come back and take your nephew away from you and your mom. It can be scary to involve CPS, but it is the only way to stop the back in forth. There is no way you can be sure that even if your sister was to sign over guardianship, that the courts would let you and your mom keep your nephew. The courts will do almost anything to keep a parent with a child, even if it's not in the best interest of the child.

    I know this because I had friends that took care of their nieces and nephew, after their mother left them at a mall. The mom signed over her rights, and about a year later she wanted them back so that she could get welfare. The courts sent the kids back to her, even though she was still using drugs.

    I am happy that your mom got her disability settled.

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