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  1. Well, i thought this summer i had some plausible ideas about piecing together a coop. First we bought a converted rabbit hutch and then a 10x5 kennel to use as a surround and run, and opened it up at the backside to create more space. Then added on another converted kennel with a chick-n-barn inside. Overtop is a mish mash of kennel covers and tarps tacked up against the outside of the garage door that this whole contraption is up against.

    Everything was fine this summer, but tonight we got our first big thunder storm with pouring rains. Now i see all the flaws in my system. Rain is leaking through overlaps and pockets and it's just a huge mess. Thank goodness the hutch and chick-n-barn where the kids are sleeping is watertight, but i clearly have a ton of work to do on the overall roof design.

    i should have just hired a contractor to build a nice coop and pen, as i have probably spent about a thousand, in bits and pieces on this contraption. i'm going to post pictures as a warning of what NOT to do.

    This is what we started with, the hutch with a kennel surround.

    Then we added another kennel and the chick-n-barn.

    So now we have this long rambling collection of hutches and kennels.

    We're in Southern California, and this would be fine were it not for the leaky roof situation. After the storm tonight, i'm thinking if we could add something like a patio roof overtop of the whole thing, we might be okay. Any input would be most appreciated.
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    What a cute set up! Why cover the run? To keep them in or predators out? If its just for the rain...they can go in the coops to get out of the rain....or under them! Then you can put some bird netting over the top. I say...let the sun shine in!! Will help dry things out when it does rain.
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    keeping all dry is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your the winter and rainy season this is most beneficial. I let my birds freerange my yard but they have a roofed run in addition to this... I use the pvc wavy/golf sheets as a roof for mine ...
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    I love that little back yard. The gardens are very cool too.

    After reading this post I'm gonna make a cover for my run.
  5. We covered everything to keep both rain and critters out. There are possums and a huge racoon that live in the neighborhood. That whole area used to be a driveway. We jackhammered it up last year then couldn't figure out what to do with it. This year came the bright idea of garden and chickens. Most all of the rest of our yard is taken up with a pool.

    After last night i learned that the peaks and valleys in the tarps created pockets where water could collect then leak in. Looking at it in the light of day, i think the best scenario would be building a patio cover over the top of it all. A framework with those wavy panels overtop would be perfect. Just need to find someone handy to build it.

    Thank you all for looking!
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    I use to put a tarp over one of those for my dog, but we put a 2x4 in the ground to hold the tarp up in the middle for the rain to run off.

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    I use those wavy roof panel things for the roofs on my coops and parts of my runs - they work great!!

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