the big nose (childrens story)

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    I wrote this long ago it needs illistration I have tried to get it published but no luck what do you think. I was trying to teacher children even if you are teased by some one if they need your help you should not think of what they have did but help them anyhow.


    The Big Nose

    Once upon a time in a town called breezy there

    lived a man named Mr. Curio. He was a very wealthy

    man and had many rings on his fingers that were full

    of rubies, emeralds and diamonds. Mr. Curio also

    walked with a walking stick that had a very large

    gem of blue topaz. His clothes were of the finest

    cloths and his hair was always the latest fashion,

    But Mr. Curio wasn't happy. For on his face is a big

    huge long nose. Day after dreary day he would go

    home to a very large house, but there was no one

    there to greet him. He had a very large heart but no

    one knew this since they all were thinking of new

    ways to tease him about his nose. One day as he

    walked down Woozer Street, he heard the jeers from

    the towns people around him. One fellow on the fire

    escape yelled "Look!, Here comes ski slope nose!"

    Another fellow saw him from across the street on the

    street corner and said "All the birds must love you...since you

    give them something to perch on."

    Then he heard a lady say "What kind if creature is

    he?" And yet another yell back" He must be from the

    swordfish family, if you don't believe me look at

    his snout!" If this wasn't bad enough, that the towns

    people taunted him so. A child no more then 4

    exclaimed "Mommy! Look at his nose, it is

    sooooooooooooo BIG!" The woman didn't even try to

    hush the innocent child. But then Mr. Curio felt a

    awful thing about to happen, he was going to sneeze

    IN PUBLIC! He sneezed once and a car tumbled end

    over end down the street. He sneezed again and a big

    tree went up in the air and came down in a near by

    field, luckily no one was in it. He sneezed a third

    and final time and blew Miss Mop down the street

    causing her quite a embarrassment for as she tumbled

    her dress and petticoat flew up over her head and

    this exposed her bloomers for all to see! Mr. Curio

    wiped his nose with a handkerchief he had, but as he

    did so he over heard Miss Magpie the biggest gossip

    in the town tell Miss Peach " I would not like him to

    sneeze near my house for fear he would blow it into

    the next county!" Mr. Curio was sad indeed and

    walked slowly sadly back home, he could hear the

    crowd still laughing and yelling horrible awful

    things as he walked away. As he got home, he stood

    in the entryway of his house and glared into the

    mirror wishing he had a wife to come home to. As he

    looked he thought to himself " How could a lady love

    a ugly, gruesome, unhandsome, grotesque, gargoyle

    like myself!? I repel all with my ghastliness!"

    thinking this he could only sigh.

    One night as he looked up into the sky and saw the heavens

    before him, he saw a lone star. One he had never noticed

    before. He thought it's probably stupid but I'll give it a try, Mr.

    Curio spoke aloud " Star light star so bright, the newest star I

    see tonight, I wish a wish that will come with a angel in flight"

    His voice began to yell loudly "OH GOD IN HEAVEN


    PLEEEEEEEASSSSSE!!!" THEN... Mr Curio noticed a odd

    thing, the star seemed to move!? It went small then

    large then small then large then it started to spin

    then it looked as if it was getting closer, it was!

    Then it was right at his feet. What an odd star he

    thought but then it grew larger and larger and the

    form seemed to changed and all of a sudden there was

    a beautiful angel with white skin and long blonde

    hair and a flowing glittering white gown" she is the

    most beautiful entity I have ever seen." He thought

    to himself. She spoke in a very soft voice" My name

    is Annabel. I heard your wish. OF all the wishes I

    hear, yours was the most sincere" she paused and put

    one finger in her ear and wiggled it as she did her

    ear popped then she rotated her jaw, then she smiled

    politely and she continued "And might I say the most

    loud, I will grant this wish but you may find you do

    not really want it after all..I will go back to Heaven

    and listen in case you change your mind". Within a

    blink of an eye Mr. Curio felt a warm sensation,

    then a tingling, it felt almost like electricity and

    with that * POOF * she was gone. He hardly could

    wait to visit the mirror in the entryway. He ran as

    fast as he could to gaze in the mirror and he saw a

    most beautiful sight, a marvelous sight, There..

    where his long so big of nose use to be was a small

    nose that fit his face perfectly. He couldn't wait

    till morning. He wanted to see if anyone would

    recognize him. He lay down and tried to sleep but

    his mind kept him awake "I bet they will all be so

    surprised "he thought. As he nearly dozed something

    came to his attention "What is that smell?" He

    thought "It smells just!!!" He

    leaped from his bed and put on some clothes and away

    he went racing out he front door. He could see the

    flicker of the fire and ran in it's direction, two

    streets down on the left Salvo Drive. He ran fast

    to the house where the flicker grew larger and as he

    got there he saw the whole house engulfed in fire,

    but then he saw a horrible sight, out of the top

    window he saw Miss Magpie and Miss Peach, they were

    leaning out the window, flames were about to get to

    them, they yelled "HELP! HELP! SOMEONE SAVE US!



    A crowd had gathered around the house but everyone

    knew all would be lost before the fire department

    would be able to get there. He remembered these two

    women from earlier in the in the day and how they

    talked about him but he concerned himself not. He

    knew what he had to do, He hesitated not, for he

    knew what was the right thing to do. He got down on

    his knees and put his hands together as to pray. He

    yelled to angel Annabel in Heaven, with the loudness

    of a cannon "OH, Annabel, you were right, Oh, please

    give me my big nose I had before, I beg you! There

    are lives at stake!!!" Annabel knew this would come

    to pass, because angels from Heaven know the future.

    As before in a blink of an eye. Mr. Curio's old big

    nose was back, but the smell of smoke made him

    S....SN....SNEE....SNEEZE! Aacchoooooeeee! As he

    sneezed he faced Miss Peach's home and blew the fire

    completely out! The Crowd said "Gazootight" in

    unison and Mr. Curio said mildly " Pardon me" as he

    wiped his old nose. Everyone laughed even Mr. Curio,

    but this time they were laughing with him not at

    him. Miss Magpie said I am so sorry for what I said

    about you earlier today. Can you find it in your

    heart to forgive a old foolish woman? Mr. Curio

    said "But of course" We all make mistakes and

    smiled at her. Miss Peach said "I don't what would

    of happened to us if you didn't have that wonderful

    nose of yours, I owe my life to you" Now the crowd

    yelled praises "How wonderful, how beautious, what a

    great man!" Miss peach then asked Mr. Curio " Would

    you please come for tea and crumpets tomorrow if you

    please?" Mr.Curio replied "I would love to" He said

    to the crowd "I often wondered why someone such as I was

    put on this Earth, I didn't seem to serve any

    purpose, but I understand why now."

    DO YOU?

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