The biggest egg ever! See the photo!


10 Years
Mar 10, 2009
Forfar, Scotland
I have 3 Blackrock hens. I got them the beginning of Oct. and I got my first egg Jan 2nd! They are very large chickens so all of their eggs are on the large side! About 65-70 grams most of the time. Well one day to my husbands surprise he found the biggest egg he has ever seen in the nest box! 98 grams!!!!!!!!!!!! It was huge. Couldn't close the egg box! Just wondering if anyone can tell me where the heck this came from! I think something else came in their house and layed it there, like a ostrich or something! HA-HA! It was a large double yolk or just double egg inside. Was fantastic but not sure why it happened!?
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13 Years
Sep 15, 2008
Williamson, GA
Your picture looks exactly like one of my hens, whom I rescued from our local animal control. I have been wondering what breed she was! She also lays very large eggs, and sometimes they are very elongated and almost pointed!

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